Sunday, May 17, 2009


Today is a beautiful day skies, 84* at noon, dewpoint is up to 43%, and thunderstorms are in the forcast. Once the dewpoint gets up to 54% and stays there for 3 consecutive days, we are considered in "monsoon season." Usually monsoon officially starts on the 4th of July. Weather people are saying it'lll be early this year. Could this be the beginning?

We got outside early this morning to work in the yard, clean up the @#^*&%$@!*** tumbleweed off the cyclone fence, pull weeds, and general clean up. When I walked outside to deadhead my geranium, two birds landed on the porch light, flew right at me! then I looked up and, you guessed it,

Another little Home Sweet Home!

Okay, guess there is no more using the front door! Anyhoo, we continue our bag filling duties out in the yard and went to get the %#!*@ tumbleweed out from the corner by the gas meter, and two quail come charging out from the corner, screaming all the way. That can mean only one thing friends...

yep, put the $%!#@*&! tumbleweed back. Sorry guys. Look at how nicely they are laid out! I tell you what, I was impressed! She keeps a tidy house, that one.

Then we went off to shoot a commercial for one of our clients for about an hour and when we came out of the building, noticed a few puffs of clouds popping up here and there. By the time we got home, I saw this out my front window.

And within about 10 minutes, it had grown to this.

Who knows, we might actually get some action today! I did see some lightening last night towards the east, so it's not out of the question.

Tomorrow I'll be posting an awesome video that Hubby shot in our backyard of some monsoon action last year. Do come back & check it out. You'll love it!


septembermom said...

Love those little eggs. So precious and fragile. Interesting home they have for now:) Cool cloud formations. The sky can be such an amazing backdrop for nature's "play time". Looking forward to the video.

Anonymous said...

LOL - oh man the %$$^^&*$#@@ tumbleweed had me cracking up.

I was marveling at how neat those little tiny eggs are.


Awesome, fantabulous post! :)

Cynthia said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I love the quail eggs. So wondrous!
You got to see that with you own eyes!!!!!
Beautiful post.
P.S. word verification: sicarkle...heehee :^)

Scriptor Senex said...

That is one neat quail. I could share a house with her any time.
As always I enjoyed my visit to the High Desert!

Anonymous said...

Best tumbleweed description I've ever seen. ;) Your cloud photos are incredible.

Simply Heather said...

Hey, did you get a new camera?? These shots are so crisp and clear...and lovely. The eggs are precious...and SO many of them, my goodness. Glad to be me and not that mommy :o)

Dan Felstead said...

When I saw the porch light...I thought it may where the hummingbirds get stuck but then I remembered you said it was a skylight. I would love to have your view out of my front window...I love mountains. I mentioned in one of my posts recently that I have to retire in the mountains. Great pictures.


Dan Felstead said...

I wonder each time I visit your blog...sometime fill us in on your blog's name..."A Fish's Beach Wishes"????


Pam said...

I love it, you have a little, organized quail mommy.

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