Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Miss Sadie-kins

We have awesome neighbors. They have lived in their house for about 14 years and have seen people in my house come and go. They love their privacy (call first cuz we may be naked!), and they love, love, love their 2 dogs and 1 cat.

Cleo kitty is 16 years old and, really, is just a bone with fur walking around. She's very loving, and on occasion will meander out to the patio to give the post that holds the patio roof on a thorough butt kickin'.

Blue, or Mr. Blueberry is what I call him, is a gorgeous Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. Blue comes from two blue merles, and I think that's why he is totally, stone cold, deaf. Becky saw an ad in the newspaper a few years ago, giving this dog away. Who else could take the time, with a big enough heart, to bring Blue to a life of happy, well mannered, fairly confident doggyhood? She could and she did. He's skittish around most people, but well trained.

Sadie showed up on Becky's doorstep as a wee pup many years ago. She's Greyhound and Doberman, with maybe a little something else. Such a sweet girl. She is the alpha of the house and the owner of Becky's heart. She will bark, bark, bark at me on the other side of the fence, but when I'm over there, she's my new best friend. So funny.

Well, Becky and her hubby went on a little vacation for 4 days. There's a doggie door at her house and security doors so that the regular doors can be left open and there's free flowing air in there all the time. I go over several times a day to give them love, cookies, meals, and reassurance that Mom will indeed return.

Things were going really well until about 3:30 this morning, when I woke up to her outside, howling. Bark, bark, bark, hoooowwwwwllllll. Bark, bark, bark, hoooowwwwwllllll. What a heartbreaker! I got up and went outside to the cyclone fence and she ran up to me, licking my hand, then sat down to get scratched. A huge full moon was slipping down the other side of the mountain. After a few minutes I went back in the house, and she returned to her spot next to the house to call to her Mom. I went back out with a big fat doggie cookie, thinking it might make her feel not so "empty." More scratching. Nite Sadie.

After a hello and her breakfast, she assumed her position calling her Mom this morning. Didn't last too long this time, she's probably worn out from lack of sleep last night.

So I'm not sure how it'll go tonight. I think I'll close the doggie door and maybe the regular doors as well. Poor baby. Mom should be home tomorrow.


septembermom said...

Poor little puppy! Sadie will be very happy when her family returns:) Cute pictures.

Simply Heather said...

RUFF night for all, huh?? haha

Poor babes - so sweet of you to console her, in those wee hours.

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