Friday, May 22, 2009

Animal Kingdom

My morning started with letting Shasta & Willy outside to potty. I have to open the gate to the south forty for them to go charging out into the wilds (fenced). Immediately they spotted one of the baby bunnies that was grazing so easily up to that point.

Shasta is FAST! She was all over it, but my SCREAMING made her hesitate just enough for the bunny to turn and run right into Willy! He is not so responsive. I had to fly out there to scare him so he'd let the baby go. Bunny ran back under the shed next door. I was shaking for 20 minutes! Geez, who needs to start their day like that! Bunny agrees!

By mid day we spotted this, our very own lizard basking in the sunshine.

It's hard to tell by this picture, but I think he has blue spots on his back, and possibly a blue belly? I say he is our lizard because I have seen him hanging out in our courtyard for a week or two. In fact, the other day I was washing dishes in the kitchen, which looks over the courtyard, and when I looked up, there he was hanging on the screen in front of me. I ran to get the video camera and he let me film him. I'm just waiting for Hubby to capture a picture off of the camera.

Letting doggies out this afternoon, Wilson, aka bird hunter, lunged at a baby quail that was frantically running in the courtyard, with no parents in sight.

On any other day, we are overrun by quail. Remember we had 17 babies last year that all survived! Where are they? Of course, I had to go to the area of the yard that held that sweet nest of quail eggs, pull back the !*#@^&! tumbleweed, and sure enough, they have hatched. How did this little one get separated?

OH! I just glanced out my front window while typing and saw a male quail come out of the cypress bush in front. Then the female poked her head out and ran back in. Strange behavior, unless of course...

If I see any little heads pop out of that bush, I'm gettin' that other baby and puttin' him in there. I'll keep you posted!

And last night's picture from the deck!


Anonymous said...

That doesn't sound like a great way to start the day. Great shot of the lizard and the baby is like all babies-- precious. Stunning clouds-- again.

septembermom said...

You get the coolest pictures of some cute, fuzzy friends. Clouds are gorgeous. I left an award for you on my blog today!

Pam said...

I had to rescue a big old fat salamander today from the kitty cats. Nothing as dramatic as your bunny.

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