Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Magnets, magnets, magnets

Cynthia:World Renowned Author has been showing refrigerator magnets lately. It got me to thinking that it's probably pretty telling about where we've been physically, mentally, & emotionally.

I don't have much on there right now. When we moved into this house, we put most all of them in a ziplock bag & stuffed it in a drawer. Yeah, what does that say!?! I guess that's another post!

But I thought I'd get that bag out and look through some of them.
Hubby and I both worked at the cable company at one time in CA. The cable company also ran a community access channel and filmed an awards ceremony that was held every year called The Santa Cruz Sports Awards, where various high school's atheletes were given awards for excellence.

Being HUGE San Francisco Giants fans, imagine our excitement when we heard that Dusty Baker, Giants manager, was going to speak that year at the ceremony!!! It was a thrill for me to meet him, and I also learned that night what a really nice man he is! Look how little the boys were! They were very excited too! If you are familiar at all with Dusty, remember how he always had a toothpick hanging out of his mouth? Mothers were having fits (me included) because we kept thinking he was going to swallow one. But when he came to speak at the Sports Awards, we gave him a HUMUNGOUS box of them. He laughed!

This next group of magnets are things that we love. Hubby gave me the dove couple one year (said it was us), and I love wolves, and wine, and the bottom picture is of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk from the water at dusk. And, if you've never seen Phantom of the Opera in person, I'm sorry. We have seen it in San Francisco THREE TIMES!

Places we've been, people we've loved. Oh the stories we could all tell about those days, right???

We visited the Garden of the Gods in Colorado when we flew to Colorado Springs for a weekend, all part of a sales awards ceremony for the Ad Sales department in the western region. It was so cool. We actually got to go a couple of times to the CO event, and we were put up at the Broadmoor, a gorgeous, 5 star hotel! I should post pictures of that was so cool. The awardees and spouses also got to pick two activities to enjoy while we were there. We went rafting down the CO river and fly fishing one time, and up to Pikes Peak and kayaking another time. He did win it a third year when everyone was flown to Cancun! Unfortunately, I was sick the whole trip and not much fun... Needless to say, those days of expenditure are loooong gone!

Kauai was our honeymoon, definitely another post. Italian caviar, well, Hubby is oh so Italian! We reek most of the time! That reminds me of a restaurant in San Francisco that we went to a few times called The Stinking Rose. Oh. Lord. Wonderful.

And last, but not least, two of the grandkids. Aren't they cute? That was taken several years ago.

So, all in all, I don't know what these magnets say about me, especially since they no longer hang on the fridge. Maybe that I have a problem with clutter???


Cynthia said...

Ooooohhh!!! S.G.:
Your magnets say that you are a vibrant, loving person who has a special someone to love, you have lived a busy, interesting life, and experienced some of the wonder of the world. (I feel like I'm reading tea leaves or something....) :^)
Thank you for posting this and thank you for referring to my post.

Dan Felstead said...

It is amazing what things as benign as refrig. magnets can say. They do tell your story, from the honeymoon to the grand kids. Almost like an autobiography. Thanks for taking us along on the ride.


septembermom said...

Love the grandkids! Terrific magnets. Very interesting and cool. The Beatles are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I never would have thought something as seemingly insignificant as refrigerator magnets could be so fascinating. What an interesting story they tell. (Of course I loved all the Colorado stuff.)

Thanks for sharing.

Pam said...

Oh funny! I cleaned off all my magnets off my frige (they don't stick on my new fridge) and I also put them in a plastic bag. Where they sat on my washer and dryer for a year, till I finally threw them away. (Don't worry, I still kept enough to completely cover our circuit breaker box!)

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