Sunday, March 22, 2009


Aren't these cute!!! My friend Janice sent them to me. She made the little gift tote too! So talented, this girl! She knows how I love the soft, shabby colors in this! And the ants!!! They're just adorable! They're salt & pepper shakers! I love the color of them! They will be Perfect on my deck!
We have fire ants here. We have several...what do you call them...colonies(???) around the property! You can tell because there is a big hole, and nothing will grow for about 3 or 4 feet around that hole. I often wonder why the ground doesn't just sink in those places! All those tunnels! The fire ants pretty much leave us alone, although I hate to admit it, but I do put out "stuff" to get rid of them.
The ants that you have to be careful about around here are teeny, little ants that build their homes in the planters! While weeding in there, all of a sudden, your foot will feel like it's on FIRE! When you look is covered with these really small ants, and they've all been biting you! You might think that's the worst of it. But no. By the next day, your toes are swollen to look like those little cocktail sausages! No, I'm not kidding! And itch??? Like you would not believe! Here's the lasts about two weeks! Oh, for the love of God! I mean, I guess they have to protect themselves from the giants that we are, but pulleeassee!!! You'd think I would learn not to weed in my flip flops. But no. I just walk around, looking, finding a rogue weed, and before I know it, I'm all in there, tearing the planter apart. Sheesh!

This is what I'm working on today.
It may not end up even looking like a flower, but I do so get my soul food from playing with it! I hope your Sunday was a good one! Good enough to feed you for the next week!!!


septembermom said...

Fire ants! Oh, I would probably hide out in the house :) You're a brave woman battling the ants!

Your flower piece is coming along nice. Good work!

cagrowngirl said...

That is a nice tote that your friend gave you.

Fire Ants....OH MY!!! We had ants in GA that would bite...people looked at me funny for wearing boots in the summer --- whatever works. Hope you get rid of yours fast...good luck!!

m-m-m good said...

We have family in Georgia and they also have fire ant colonies there. Once, unbeknownst to my husband, he stood on top of one for about a minute and the ants were immediately climbing up his legs. He did the fire ant dance! Fortunately only a couple bites.

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