Friday, March 13, 2009

Some Good Times

I was scanning some pictures today, and realized that I have some very cherished photos on display around the house, but have never scanned them into the computer. What if something happened to them???

Here's one of my very favorite pictures in the whole world!

It's just the very picture of innocence, isn't it? So sweet, loving, and absolutely adorable! Hard to believe it was taken almost 20 years ago! Bet you thought I was going to say "Hard to believe they were so sweet, loving, and absolutely adorable!" Ha! But they were. And actually, they still are. All three of them have soft hearts, and love for each other.

Back when this photo was taken, we were living in an area of Felton, CA called Forest Lakes. Felton itself is full of towering redwood trees,

winding roads, and a small community. Hard to imagine that this was also referred to as the murder capital of the world at one time. But that's a story for another day.

Forest Lakes was a small area that basically took over one side of this section of mountain. The "lake" part of the name comes from the fact that every May or June, they dam up the creek. (If it sounds gross, keep in mind that they also treated the water during the summer.) Yes, it was too gross for Shannon, so she seldom wanted to go with us.

Quite often I'd take the boys to the lake and we'd have lunch and wade around in the small area that was cordoned off for the little ones. It can get hot in Felton in the summer even though it's only about 10 miles inland from the ocean. But that water was cold! You had to convince yourself of how "refreshing" it was once you actually got up the nerve to dunk yourself. There was a round platform in the middle of the lake where the older kids, swimming into puberty, usually hung out.

Occasionally, you could feel a fish brush your legs, but mostly there were the tadpoles, polywogs, and eventually frogs. Bizillions of them! Of course, we took some home in a jar to watch their progress. I think we let them go the next day.

These days went by much too fast. I'll cherish those memories just like I do this picture!


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Aren't our old snapshots just priceless? Full of memories :)
Wishing you a weekend filled with much love, joy and laughter and....

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Scriptor Senex said...

Isn't it strange how the young of almost any animal looks so cute and cuddly. Mine all looked fresh and innocent at that age as well....

Janice said...

It's a trick so we don't eat them. Survival of the cutest.
And thanks for the shout out to Felton! We're number one! We're number one! (in murder) We're number one!

Janice said...

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Self-Proclaimed Editor said...

Very nice picture you were scanning -- what a great idea. I think I need to get on the ball with that.

Question -- your comment on Think Tank. Did you mean that was unnecessary wording or should be reworded? Appreciate your following. I have others that are following and e-mailing separately, which I think is funny! I'm glad your commenting.


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