Sunday, March 8, 2009

Food, for thought.

I love being creative, whether it's with paint, fabric, or words. It feeds me. And that's the truth. Most of the time I have no idea what I'm doing but somehow it works out. Maybe it just looks like it works out to me because I have had so much fun doing it, and am pleased that it came out at all! LOL!

I have a couple old, used, nasty, brown swivel chairs that we may possibly use on the back deck if I ever get them painted. I'll have to get some "before pictures" of them.
Here's some other pics of "fun" projects that I've done.

Actually, this started off as an ugly, nasty, brown colored chair too.

And after...

And after...
And before...

Oh, good God! Who would do this??? The rust is metallic!

And after...
Oh, wait. I guess to some, this may be as horrific as the before! LOL!!! That cracks me up!!!

And finally, this was NEVER old, nasty, or brown. My youngest son made this for me in high school; bare wood, clean, smelled like a fresh project, and will always be dear to me! No before...Just after...
So the ugly, swivel chairs I'll tackle this spring, because I want them to be fresh, lively, and oh so spring-like!!! Another lime green project???


Janice said...

THAT'S where my mustard and metallic rust side table went!!

Scriptor Senex said...

No Janice - I'm sure that was mine. Can I claim it back now?

Simply Heather said...

WONDERFUL!!! You are an artist, you silly woman. I recall you commenting on one of my blogs about being creative...look at these photos...just look at them :o).

My mother would have absolutely loved these. She did the same thing...painted nearly anything and everything into something special. I should get a picture of the desk that she did. The painting on it is similar to your chair above. She converted a dingy wooden old bureau into a desk (very well done) and then painted it with shades of yellow and white, patchworks and flowers. It would be in my home (and once was) if I had more space for it.

What you've written is very similar to the way I feel about what I do...I don't have a plan either. Most of the time I wing it and jump in...that's why I said, the rest of the bedroom photo's may take a little longer to share (I tend to get easily distracted from projects ;o> when they are LARGE ones).

Beautiful work.

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