Saturday, March 21, 2009


Several weeks ago I showed you a picture of, until then, the un-named moon in my livingroom...

He has since been named Mr. Leonard Mannigus. I like it.

We do seem to have a fascination with faces and heads in and around our house.

Here's one of my favorites that resides in my kitchen on the wall above my cabinets.

This puffin head was made as part of a series called Faces of Alaska, by my, then, sister-in-law, Lynn Naden. She still lives in Homer, Alaska today and is still involved in the arts up there.
When my marraige at the time ended, I felt very fortunate to have my puffin head among my belongings. I've tried to find the other "faces" in that series, but she sold the molds years ago, and nobody seems to know what happened to them.

So out we go to the garden. Over the years we have picked up numerous heads and have packed them around in our various moves.
This one seems to make most people happy when they look at it. Looks very female to me.

She hangs over our patio furniture in the small alcove on our back deck.

Even with her eyes closed, she seems to be watching over our little sanctuary out there.

Out in the yard, all around the cement block wall hangs some of our other favorites.
I love this guy. A Viking head. I think it was originally part of a wall fountain, but we didn't know it. He spoke to my ancestry and had to come home with me. It was a little weird when I took this picture. Because of the way the sun was pointing, after I snapped the picture, I could see his face and mine in the camera screen. They were very much alike. One of those past lives moments?

For a couple of summers, there has been a blue-bellied lizard living behind him.

I'm not crazy about this fella. I'm not sure why. He does not have a calm about him, at all. But Hubby likes him, and as hard as it is to believe, it is not all about me.

I do like her. I've tried planting ivy in the top of her head, but it just dries out too fast. Nothing will grow in there. There is no psychological comment being made here.

This is another one of Hubby's favorites. He likes COLOR! I like it too, except for the blue lips. Why? Why that cyanoticblue? I don't know.
We have some pretty strong winds here during the spring. I hadn't realized until today that it had blown sideways, and seems to be stuck that way.
Now that I've been out in the yard, I see that I need to spend some time weeding. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


septembermom said...

That's a very cool, unique collection! I like the puffin head a lot. Those pieces add more personality to the home decor. Great decorating idea :)

rightonmom said...

Happy weekend to you too! I love your collection, and how each one brings some meaning to you. Cool.

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