Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Wish to Not Wait for Hind Sight

Yes, so it is a new day. A happier day. A day where I have not spilled anything, dropped anything, or had objects fail in one way or another. Good biorhythms today. :)
A good day.

We went to Tucson for Hubby's 2 week after surgery appointment. They took an xray of his leg, and we got to actually see the new hip in there! And it is quite beautiful, I might add. But it is even bigger than I had thought. He liked when I said, "Oooh, it's so big!" Ha! Just kidding.

On our way out of town we stopped to fill up with gas at a 7/11. Even at a convenience store the gas is cheaper up there than in our little town. As we were filling up, a car pulled up to the pump in the other direction. A man got out and approached our car. He explained that he had to pick his son up from school, hadn't expected to have to drive today, and he didn't have any money for gas. Could we spare any? Hubby looked through his pack, discovered that he had none, but I found some in my purse. The man had already moved on to other cars in the parking lot asking for help. When Hubby went up to the car to give them money, there was a boy about 7 years old, a baby, and a woman that looked pregnant.

I felt really sad for the little boy having to watch his dad go from car to car to ask for money. I could see him anxiously looking out his window. What was the situation inside that car before they pulled up to the pumps? It made me wonder what his memories will be like, and who he will become because of his life experiences as a child.

In hind sight, I wish we had pulled out the credit card and filled their tank.


septembermom said...

How hard it must have been for that man to go around and ask for money in front of his kids. In life, we pass by so many people in places like gas stations or malls. All those stories of hardship that we have no clue about when we walk right by. Seeing life from another perspective always helps us to appreciate what we have. Thank you for this thoughtful post.

shabby girl said...

A true paradigm shift moment for me.
Thanks for pointing that out for me, Septembermom!

~ Denise ~ said...

Your post reminds me to keep my eyes out and heart sensitive to others around me who might need a hand in these times. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your win over at The One Minute Writer. ;)

Simply Heather said...

OH, you know though...that little boy may be learning what it is to be humble. This man wasn't asking for directions, like so many would not...he was asking for help, like so many do not.

Hopefully, it is not something that he has to witness too often though.

~praying for him and his family, right now


Oh...and the beginning was LOL funny, also good news.

Thank you, my friend, for reaching out to me with dads surgery journey.

Kim said...

that is sad!! I'm afraid that more and more of that is happening! It really breaks my heart!

cagrowngirl said...

The pictures are beautiful. Sometimes I think I can get a job at Walmart in their photo dept...when I married my Grandma gave me all of my photo albums, which I have been scanning to a disk. Fun memories come to the surface!! Thanks again for sharing your pictures.

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