Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring is Bustin' Out All Over!

I think it was from Rodgers & Hammerstein's Carousel, that song where everybody is singing and leaping around because it's spring! I could definitely do that myself these days. I know it's not officially spring; it's not even spring enough to plant anything. But the temperature has been in the 70's & 80's and I see signs everywhere that the spring equinox is just around the corner!
Can you see the new buds on my daylilly???

My crocus is peeking out from the rocks...

The wild violet is singing to me at the top of it's voice! The picture at the top of the post is our peach tree. Last year we did not have ONE BLOOM! Not one. Consequently, we had zero peaches. :( But look at it now! It's loaded!


From this...

To this...

And from this...
To this...

I was FREAKED OUT! I have never seen anyone cut roses back to NOTHING! But I had to keep a good thought...believe that this person had a tiny clue about what he was doing. Oh, we of little faith!

All 25 of the rose bushes are at different stages of regrowth, but there is not one of them without at least a couple of sprouts!! Yea!!!

Oh, I feel such a compulsion to go to the nursery and just load up on flowers! I'm so ready, aren't you? But at least around these parts, we know that it's not safe to plant anything until the mesquite trees start to leaf. Maybe next month...


iasa said...

The roses will be great this year.

Simply Heather said...

I've seen roses cut back to nothing and a few other plants/trees too. My mom was a master gardener without fear (I'm not). I cut things back to get rid of them and they multiply like crazy...but not rose bushes :o).

I can't wrap my mind around the 70's and 80's just beginning to be spring there...hmmmm. We're waiting for those crocus's to push up when it's been 50 for a few days :o).

I'm so glad that you shared's my hint to what is just around the corner for us. Although, when I saw the title and the photo on my updates...I thought..."hmphf, show off" (of course just in a sassy nice way).

Thanks for sharing, my shabby girl friend :o).

Self-Proclaimed Editor said...

Nice to see some color. We are having a warm-up here but it will be another month before anything starts popping out. But . . . I did see a bluebird today. So they have returned to the same birdhouse we had little baby bluebirds in last year! Yay!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Beautiful pics of your garden and the contrasts - We still have smatterings of snow here, but the lovely snowdrops do bring the portent of spring, I always think...

shabby girl said...

iasa-fingers crossed!

heather-if it makes you feel better, it's all overcast and windy today! :)

marion-I noticed this morning you were at 50*! A bluebird must be a sign of spring, right?

W of much I-thanks! After reading the word snowdrops, I had to stop and let my picture mind take over. Was a nice little outing!

Pam said...

Wow! I've just got a few things with their heads popping up.

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