Monday, March 9, 2009

Barbie's 50-a young thing!

Did I see that Barbie is 50 today? Man, do I remember that first one that came out in the black & white bathing suit? I didn't have one, but my neighbor did. I was always a little jealous of that.

The knock-off barbie I had, had arms and legs that moved but you could see the joints! Like there was no skin over it! Ppssht! What was that about? Medical anatomy Barbie? Orthopaedic Barbie?

And we won't even go into the fact that Barbie was perfect. I didn't give that too much thought back then...except that she had perfect skin (!) and boobs (!!!). Being a little kid with freckles and totally flat chested...hey, it was rough man. Just kidding. Kind of.

What I really liked was the Barbie with interchangeable wigs! That was cool! Like interchangeable personalities! Heeeey, wigs! young, old, sexy, sultry, homey, perky, ghetto, anything I want. He he he.


Janice said...

Did you ever read the other Oz books? We read them all as kids, and there was one woman who would pick a different head out of her closet and put it on! Redhead, blond, I think she wanted Ozma's head too. I was really jealous as a kid, but now that I'm thinking about it, that was pretty creepy for a kid book. I guess L Frank Baum liked his opium.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I saw that black and white bathing suited Barbie on TV yesterday - Cool!

I read your post as 'Barbie with interchangeable wings' - now I would have liked to have that one! x

Pam said...

I had the doll that had the button on her stomach and when you pushed it you could pull her hair and make it longer. Creepy.

coffee maker said...

After 50 years Barbie is still in great shape; how does she do it?

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