Sunday, March 29, 2009

I love this clock. It's one of my favorites.

We have a thing for clocks. Our house is filled with them. Every room has one. We even have one of those clocks in the kitchen that has pictures of birds all the way around, and when it comes up to the hour, that particular bird sound is produced.
In our bedroom, we have 4 clocks! Really, we're not obsessed about time. We just like clocks.

For a couple of years we made clocks. Lots of clocks. Probably 50 clocks. These are the ones we have left around here.

We've spent many contented hours on them. It was even more fun because we both loved doing it.

The numbers were always the hard part, getting them placed correctly.

Some clocks I painted, some I used pretty paper on them and then started experimenting with chemicals.

Hubby made some incredible clocks with rusting solutions and patinas. We sold some that he used gold flake paint on top of the rust. Gorgeous.

The reason I bring clocks up today is that half of the clocks are not working! Need batteries, and it's so frustrating to walk through all these rooms and never know what time it is!


m-m-m good said...

Cool clocks!

septembermom said...

Those clocks are lovely and unique. A pretty clock can add so much to a room. Hope you get those batteries soon!

Max-e said...

Nice collection of clocks.
We also have them all over the house, but we are people who do not live by the clock, which probably explains why most of ours either do not work or have different times.

Pam said...

I love clocks too! I especially like the old timey ones that tick tock.

Scriptor Senex said...

Love them. I too am a clock person. I made some from agate slices at one time but we sold them all. The fuchsia one is gorgeous and I am impressed by the one your husband did as well.

Simply Heather said...

Very nice clocks...I never really thought about my liking of them...but apparently, I must too. They are pretty much in every room of my house, as well :o).

It's funny, me and how it took you to point this out about myself...huh? I've always marveled at coo-coo clocks. My grandparents had quite a few when I was young. They SO interested me :o).

cagrowngirl said...

You are doing a great deal with your clocks. :)

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