Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

So, I have to tell you. Hubby bought me a beautiful card for my birthday. We truly take pride in finding cards for any occasion that says exactly what we are not talented enough to say. This birthday was no exception.

The front:
With Love To My Wife

Inside left:
It's an uncertain world
that we live in
where so much keeps changing
so fast.
And things that we thought we could count on
too soon become things
of the past.
So with all of my heart,
I feel grateful
for the one precious part of my life
That's there for me,
always, no question-
my wonderful,
beautiful wife.

inside right:
I'm taking this moment to tell you
how much I appreciate
the understanding
and support you always give,
the way you put up with
my faults and still love me
In spite of them.
You bring so much joy to my life,
just by being the beautiful,
caring person you are.
I'm a very lucky man to have you
For my wife.


So knowing how he feels, he was very upset that his gift did not arrive in the mail by my special day. However,,,,,

it did arrive today! You will not believe it!!!

YES! Not just a couple, or five, of my favorite candy bars EVER!
Here's the funny part! I really like these candy bars. In California, I would buy them every once in a while and enjoy every second of eating them. They are chocolate covered marshmallow, with cashew nuts mixed in with the chocolate on the top. Mmmmmm! But I didn't eat them "all the time."
Once we moved to Arizona, I looked for them in the store. No. You cannot have them in Arizona. Against the law, I guess. Or it is way too hot here for them. I would almost believe that. But no.
When we took the moving building to California last October, we happened to wander through a grocery store, or two, or twelve, and I spied these wonderful, delectable treats! Yes, I bought a BUNCH of them and promptly ate them. :)
We went in a local store here the other day, and he actually asked the cashier if they had any. Funny boy! He had already ordered the case for me from the company that produces them!
He's a thoughtful boy, and a wonderful husband!


Scriptor Senex said...

Multitudinous felicitations on the anniversary of your natal day - even if I'm a bit late...

Super husband and sounds like a super bar - just my sort of yummy sweet. Pity they don't sell them over here.

septembermom said...

Beautiful card! Your husband is so sweet! I'll welcome chocolate gifts any day :) Enjoy every yummy bite!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Shabstress, I am just getting caught up with your blog - I am entranced by the tale of where you used to live having once been called the murder capital of the world, and your family photos are so sweet, and the turkeys were so gobbley, and your tale of the man at the gas station, makes me think of the Thirties Depression, so sad...

But your birthday, well - That choc looks so inviting, mmm; Happiest of Birthdays for yesterday, dear Shabstress, please save one for me!! xx

Janice said...

Aww! What a good guy! I can just see you rolling around in a pile of candy bars! My Father loved Idaho Spuds, this strange marshmallowy, cocoa dredged lump, and we could never find them (except randomly at the hardware store!) so I understand the excitement of having your own box! Enjoy them!

Proud Mom said...

Sentimental & Sweet. Sounds like you hit the jackpot, Shabby!

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