Friday, March 27, 2009

For The Birds

As I was walking through the dining room (I use the term VERY loosely) this morning, I had to stop and take a few steps back. Did I see what I think I saw? The light coming in from the kitchen has moved with the onset of spring. It will noticeably change every single day now.

But as it shined in to this room, it landed on these!

I swear, I didn't manipulate these at all! Isn't that fantastic!?! Looks like an exotic bird! I never would have noticed this without the light changing!

After our wedding on the beach in Santa Cruz, CA, we had an amazing honeymoon in Kauai, HI. Ten days of non-stop fun that Hubby had bartered through a barter company in CA. One of the places we visited was swarming with peacocks. Tame peacocks. I bought some bird seed and they ate right out of my hands. The place was also littered with discarded peacock feathers. We were so charmed by these birds that we picked up about 25 of the feathers, bought a shipping tube, and transported them home. That was almost 14 years ago!

Truthfully, I notice them occasionally, think fondly of when we picked them up, and go about my business. But today, noticing how exquisite they are still, reminds me of how my feelings for Hubby are just as brilliant today as they were then, albeit, more knowledgeable. Hehehe.

That being said, when you've been with someone for a long time, you notice that walking across a parking lot is not necessarily a side by side thing anymore, or while strolling on a walk, it's not done hand-in-hand any longer. But there are other ways that we silently tell each other that we are still "in love." He worries when I'm out without him. If I vary from our usual routine, he's on the phone trying to figure out where I am. Not in a weird, controlling way, but really concerned for my well-being. I'm grateful for his thoughfullness.

Lately, it hasn't always been easy through his hip replacement. He's in pain; worried that this will be permanent, or that he's had a bad doctor. And have I mentioned before that he is not a patient person, at all??? But I know him, and love him. I know that he would go above and beyond for me.

So the brilliance of those feathers still, mean so much more than the picture.


Scriptor Senex said...

What a great picture - and a lovely story to go with it.

septembermom said...

Gorgeous feathers!! I would like some too :) This is a touching post with such loving thoughts for your husband.

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