Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is Bustin' Out All Over

This is the first year the Cactus Wrens have taken up residency in the deluxe apartment hanging on the deck. they've been busy for the last couple of days, with big beakfuls of nesting material. These birds are not nervous birds at all, so it should be fairly easy to take photos of them.

Last year the apartment sat vacant for the first time ever. This little sparrow was not happy that the Wrens got in there first. Every time they would fly off for more nest stuffing, he would land on the birdhouse. Awww.

One really nice day yesterday, and the peach tree popped!

For all of you sitting in the snow, it's coming!


Anonymous said...

your photos make me smaile and remember that spring will come to michigan soon;)

Anonymous said...

Great pics! This week here in NY it finally feels like spring is here. :O)

septembermom said...

You're giving me hope :)

GB said...

I'm over the moon with those photos, Lisa. You know what I'm like with bird pics and I've never seen ones of Cactus Wrens before.

Michelle Palmer said...

Your photographs are gorgeous!
Wishing you all the best~

Cynthia L. H. said...

Wonderful photos! They look like they are straight out of Birds and Blooms Magazine! ;^)
I know you must really be enjoying the beauty.
I love spring. The last few days it's been around 70 degrees. So nice. Now a cold front is supposed to be moving through and dumping 10 inches of snow on Oklahoma! SO weird.
We've had more snow this year than the last ten years put together!
Oh, well...I've enjoyed the spring days we've had so far!

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