Sunday, March 28, 2010

Odds & Ends

The trip to Mom's was good. Face time with her and daughter, Shannon, was wonderful. It was raining lightly on the way up there, and on the way home, I was delighted to find that wildflowers had popped up all along the stretch between Phoenix and Tucson!

These were the only two shots that weren't too blurry. At 75mph I kept my eyes on the road and tried to guess where to point the camera and just kept clicking. Finally I just decided to put the camera down and enjoy the view.

On another note, remember this little fellow that kept hanging around the birdhouse while the cactus wrens were moving in?
The day after I got home from Phoenix, I noticed that he was up to something! Looking around, all nervous like...
and then...

He pulled their nest out! While he committed the crime, all of the other sparrows were diving to catch the nesting material for their own nests. The cactus wrens came back a while later and discovered what had happened. I could almost see the confusion and upset in their faces. They started to rebuild immediately. The little sparrow with the big courage is still hanging around all day long, chirping, talking, calling. I'm not sure who is going to end up in there.
This morning I found that the cactus wren had walked into my house and made her way into the kitchen. I mentioned before that they are not nervous birds, and she quite calmly inspected the sink, table, chairs, my birds, and managed to poop on my couch. After a few minutes, she flitted her way back outside and I shut the door.

OH! One of the houses is in escrow!!! A 30 DAY ESCROW!


Cynthia L. H. said...

The insolent little bugger.
Quite a busy body!

GB said...

How cheeky are they? I have to say that I quite fell for the Cactus Wrens but I'm not sure I'd be happy with them pooping in the house!

Barry said...

Ah, the drama that goes on all around us and that we all too seldom notice.

I guess the expression, "free as a bird", really doesn't count. It's a tough life in the bird kingdom.

NanU said...

and people say humans are the only species to pull that kind of stuff! Not so different after all!

Scriptor Senex said...

We sometimes get the crows dive-boming smaller birds with beaks full of nesting material. The birds drop the nesting material to get away and the crows land and pick it up.

septembermom said...

Sneaky guy! Glad that the visit went well :)

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