Thursday, March 11, 2010

Seriously Disgruntled

Verizon. How many of you have Verizon as your cell phone carrier? I have always had a problem with Verizon when it came to receiving messages days after they were left. That's one of the big reasons we switched to Sprint.

A few years went by, we started going out in the building on wheels and needed mobile internet. Verizon seemed to have the best coverage, although, personally, I was not only happy with Sprint, but we were no longer under contract with them.

Hubby wanted to switch back to Verizon. Okay, back under a new contract. Went out on the road in the building on wheels, signed up for mobile internet through our cell phone for a month. Came home, called to have that feature stopped. Cool.

Amost a year later, we called to have it turned on again and they said, It's already on. What???

Granted, it was partially our fault for not inspecting our Verizon bill as closely as we should have, but we had called to have that function turned off. Long story, short, they would only credit back 3 months of charges, even though they could see that we had not used the mobile broadband service. Fuming, but live & learn, right?

I'm looking at the bill today, after having used the mobile broadband again last month on the trip to my Mom's house, and instead of a $70 something bill, it's $198. Hubby got on the phone with them and received a $40 credit, because they charged us for time we didn't actually use the service. We were being charged for 2 months, and we used it for a week. Uh huh. So Hubby was happy.

I took the bill back. But what about these two $29.99 charges for, what, data usage unlimited-email. What's that?

So I got on the phone with them. God bless this girl. She was so patient with me. It took her four times of explaining before I understood that these two charges (two months) were for email through my cell phone. I have never had email through my cell phone. I didn't even know what it was, how could I have ordered it??? She took the charges off.

Just sayin' here, check your bill. Don't be afraid to keep asking until you understand what you've been charged for.


Anonymous said...

I learned that lesson a long time ago...always check and double check your cell bill;)

NanU said...

just one of the many reasons I've been so reluctant to get one. It's getting to the point where you can't do without, though...

Dan Felstead said...

Shabbygirl...Cellualar matter which one...just pick one...they are the greediest bas#$%^&s on the planet.

I heard the other day that when you call someone and get their voice mail...the message of "if you want to leave a message...choose 1, if you want hang up choose...etc.etc..." is way longer than it needs to you know why? While yo re listening this is costing you your minutes and cell companies bring in hundreds of millions of dollars a year because of it. They won't shorten the I know why.


septembermom said...

Good advice. My husband really inspects the bills closely. He gets on the phone real quick to dispute anything suspicious. Good thing he does. I would probably miss half of those improper charges.

GingerV said...

camillo always paid our phone bill, I never looked at it - he moved back to Brasil 5 months before I went so I looked at the bill - what was that 7.99 every month. called. get this someone used our phone number to have there phone number forwarded to their new home number in Illinois or something like that.... 7.99 a month for 3 years.... no refund but SWBell was nice enough to take it off from them on....

Pam said...

I am not even going to go into my Verizon stories!

shabby girl said...

What a shame we all have to be suspicious. I'd love to give up the cell phone, but as soon as I did, I would probably really need it.
And doesn't it make you crazy when someone gets mad because you don't answer it? Its like a requirement now. I know you have your phone so you have to answer!

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