Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hubby on Facebook!

Hubby has his very own Facebook Fan Page! Just go to your Facebook account and search sean conrad. He is having an absolute blast with it. I may have told you before that he was a disc jockey and program director for 22 radio stations all over the U.S. for 30 years. This was back in the day when jocks were stars, and oh the stories he has to tell, and the people he's met!

Since he started his page, many of the people that worked for him and with him have climbed on board to share some great stories. I hope you'll check him out.

He is also a guest blogger here today. It's an article on Gene Chenault, who was one of the founders of Boss Radio!

Yea Hubby!!!


{Simply} Heather said...

In all of this time since I first found you, I don't recall you sharing this...hmmm. How exciting! Great photo shared with the thoughts and I'll be visiting the links.

Rebecca said...

That's cool. I have to tell you though, my hubby doesn't have FB and he used to not read my blog and it was kinda fun. Like I had my own little virtual world going on. Now that he reads my blogs I have to be careful what I reveal, especially about flea market finds that I used to sneak in the house and blog a about. :)

septembermom said...

That's awesome. I just got on Facebook. I'll go and pay him a visit:)

GB said...

I'm fascinated. Obviously I'm too new to your blog to have known this and although I've been on Facebook for ages I've only just started using it a bit more. I'm just finding the few people I know in Blogland to be more and more interesting as time goes by.

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