Saturday, March 6, 2010

All God's Creatures Sunday

Yes, I changed my mind about not posting a photo. This was me 13 1/2 years ago, starting to laugh uncontrollably during my wedding vows. Uh huh. I'm just special that way.

This is a picture of my hand. A younger picture of my hands. They were nice hands, soft, smooth, yet tough enough to pull weeds and scoop rock hard ice cream. These hands have never been afraid of hard work.

There was a time I made sure my nails were always polished, and my hands moiturized. I was a blackjack dealer in Tahoe in my 20s. My hands were out there everyday. Okay, I dropped the whole deck of cards in my tray of money once. The pit boss came over with a crap table stick and started stirring the cards around like we were cooking. LOL! That was a great memory!

Really, I'm not worried about my looks. I am who I am, and I'm okay with that, as long as nobody screams and I don't scare little children. But I am kind of fascinated with the changes that are happening year by year. When I look at my hands I can see my brothers hands too. What does that say about them? Weird.

I looked around for a drawing that I made of my hand back in the 80's. I had just found the book Drawing from the Right Side of your Brain. It's all about drawing using spacial areas, rather than trying to copy the picture. You turn the picture you are trying to copy upside down so you only see spaces, not the actual picture. When I was done, it was MY hand. That was cool.
I don't spend a lot of time focusing on me. Maybe that's why I'm shocked everytime I look down at my hands and see this:



Anonymous said...

i bet its a nice pic behibd the hands......the hand scupltures cracked me up, lol

GB said...

When I did marry all those years ago I'd have been mortified if I'd had a laughing fit. Now I think I'd be just plain surprised if I didn't at least have a very broad smile! Actualli I think it's a lovely natural picture.

Cynthia L. H. said...

Love the picture of you laughing!
(Yes, you are special.)
We just HAD to run into each other at Tahoe all those years ago...I went up there a lot, because I loved it so somebody was always wanting to eat at Harvey's Friday Night Seafood Buffet!
I would drive around the entire lake some days. Loved the trout at the bridge in Tahoe City. Also, Hidden Beach (I think?) friends were always wanting to go was always on the wild side...I tried to swim it once. NOT a good idea. Snow water, even in summer, is still snow water. ;^)
My favorite place to ski was Alpine Meadows. When you got off of the ski-lift at the top of the mountain, there was Tahoe on the other side!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!
;^) ;^) ;^)

septembermom said...

You are TOO FUNNY!!! :)

Linda Higgins said...

great funny funny post, Love the shot of you during your wedding vows! those are pictures to cherish because they bring back a flood of memories right!?

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