Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Let's talk about jeans for a moment here, shall we? I'm looking for a great pair of jeans. I've been looking for a great pair of jeans for a very long time. Years, in fact.

Isn't it amazing how many different styles of jeans are out there? Tapered, boot cut, straight leg, flannel lined, low rise (show your butt crack), mid rise, stone washed, faded, slim, relaxed fit, the big baggy (crotch down to your knees), torn up jeans, knee missing jeans, butt lift jeans, tummy control jeans, etc., etc., etc. All I'm asking people, is a pair that really fit, that don't cost $345,197.99!

I will say, these days it's fairly easy to find a pair of long pants. I have long legs. Growing up, it was like I was always waiting for high tide! Not a good look in junior high & high school. And for a while, I did try the low rise jean because I thought Hubby would like it. And he did. But I happen to think that my underwear is a private matter, so that was the end of that.

I have a friend that is in the garment industry. She told me once that every year clothing makers come up with new shapes and sizes according to how body sizes and shapes change. I guess that makes sense. In this country, body shapes have definitely gotten rounder. Thus, when I find a pair of jeans that fit in length, and leg size, the waist and hip is huge!

I did find a website called Jeans for your body type. There is an option for under $20, $20-$280, above $280. Really? Oh I am a cheap, naive girl.

I see that some brands are advertising old school sizing, fits at the waist. I'm not a happy shopper. Just not really in to it. But I almost ran to the mall in hopes of finding that one elusive pair. No. Not in my size.

So the hunt continues. Anybody out there happy with their jeans???


NanU said...

I spent a week once shopping desperately for jeans, and happened on the perfect pair at Sears, not even too expensive. I hurried back to the aisle, intending to stock up while I could, only to find that they had exactly one pair of those. And they are nearly worn out now...

Linda Higgins said...

OH MY GOSH! I just bought the PERFECT fitting pair if jeans I have ever had! I will NEVER buy another pair! For a long time Gloria Vanderbilt fit great and I would buy them at Costco because I like jeans to come up around my waist! but these jeans, OH MAN are soooo comfortable they are from....get this.... KHOLE's yeah they are called LEE's Comfort Waistband jeans and they come in all colors! I love the dark navy blue because I like dressy jeans, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Anonymous said...

whenever I find jeans I like I buy them in bulk, like five pr....good luck on your search;)

{Simply} Heather said...

Can't really help you there, Lisa, sorry to say. I was with you in high school but thankfully for me, those days consisted of the same style boots that the girls are wearing now...the mid calf kind that you tuck you jeans into :)

I was extremely excited when my (now hubby) boyfriend let me put on a pair of his Levi's when we first started dating. They have that straight waist...long length's and fit that I needed then. They were my perfect jean - my guy's jeans...not women's Levi's but the men's sort.

Now...I'm a little curvy here and there, still with a straight waist...hmmmpfff. I pretty much wear what I wear now, but found some that I do like. There are Gloria Vanderbuilt styles that fit me nicely - can't say which ones though.

Anyway...happy hunting :)

septembermom said...

I need to go jean shopping. I'm dreading it. I think I'll look into Linda's recommendations. Sounds good.

Dan Felstead said...

Shabbygirl...coming from the 60's...I am a jeans aficionado! Jeans are my lifeblood...part of me since about 4 years of age or so! I can rmember when I was hitching through Europe in the 70's...people would want to trade me things for my "American" jeans??? I made some pretty good trades!


shabby girl said...

NanU, I see shopping for jeans in your future! :)

shabby girl said...

Linda, thanks for the tip! I looked online but they don't have my size! :(

shabby girl said...

Steven, thanks. I will too if I ever find them!

shabby girl said...

Heather, those are called Boyfriend jeans. Really. There is a catagory online called Boyfriend jeans.
I wore my son's jean shorts for years after he grew out of them. They are almost more holes than shorts these days!

shabby girl said...

Kelly, we should go together. NanU too. Too bad we live a bizzillion miles apart!

shabby girl said...

Dan, I'll bet you did make some great trades! Ha! I'm a jeans kind of gal too. Some cords. Hey, remember wide wale cords? Man, I used to love those.

GB said...

Well I'm a child of the '60s too albeit I was brought up in the UK. I never owned a pair of jeans until a couple of years ago. A (female) friend marched me into Napier's 'poshest' menswear shop and 'suggested' to the owner that he find me a pair of jeans that fitted properly round my bum (sorry, can't get used to butt). Despite my protestations I walked out with a pair and, contrary to my expectations, they are supremely comfortable. In NZ they are acceptable for dressing up or dressing down which is handy too.

The downside to me at the time was that they cost what I thought was going to be a wasted $NZ 200. More than I would usually have paid for a 'proper' pair of trousers (and I have fairly expensive tastes). I now own probably 6 pairs of jeans (some here and some in the UK - I have to have two sets of clothes to prevent me carrying loads of luggage). I have learned a lesson. ALWAYS try jeans on before you get them home. Only three pairs fit me really well and the others just about qualify for working in the garden. Another two went straight to the charity shop/op shop/goodwill*

Although jeans can be very expensive I'm not convinced there is a direct correlation between price/label and fit. One of my best fitting pairs only cost £35 ($NZ 75) from M&S.

Yes. I love my jeans. But not this afternoon. It's 28 deg again.

* Delete according to country of residence!

shabby girl said...

GB! Exactly! "Although jeans can be very expensive I'm not convinced there is a direct correlation between price/label and fit."
What could they possibly be made out of (other than denim) that could raise the price to OVER $280???
I saw a really cute pair for $100, that had rose fabric and lace on the pocket. Oh, how I wanted those jeans. But no. It's wrong. Right?

GB said...

I'm not sure it's 'wrong' Lisa. If you think you are worth them then you are worth them. I don't think it's necessarily wrong. After all we all possess things we don't actually need and we could regard these as 'wrong' too. At least you need clothes (and a bit of extravagance - well where's the harm if you really like them?)

Cynthia L. H. said...

What a post, Lisa!!!
I remember when I bought my first pair of jeans. Levi's 501's with my OWN money! I thought I was SO cool!
I'm a jeans kind of person. I want them to be REALLY REALLY comfortable now. I don't even want to know they're there. I found a pair of Dockers at Penney's. They are dark blue, a tiny bit of spandex in the cotton, and a bit of a flare leg. Under $40! Nice!
I've never had the long legs problem. Darn. Mine is the exact opposite. Usually have to hem all of my slacks, but not these new jeans!

GB said...

The things you learn about people!!

DawnTreader said...

I love jeans and in spite of trying to restyling myself from time to time I always end up back in the jeans. Like Cynthia I'm over the moon when I happen to find a pair that fit well AND do not need cutting off!

(Just noticing the Word Verification coming up her: "longneh"... long? neh! I'm short! LOL)

shabby girl said...

GB, I may have bought them, even at $100, because I loved them so much! But now I think I'll sew on my own fabric & lace! I told you I was cheap! :)

shabby girl said...

Cynthia, I remember 501's! Yes, they were the jean to wear at that time!
I like Dockers too, but I feel like I have to be careful in them. Jeans you can do anything in, right?

shabby girl said...

DawnTreader, I'm with you, I always end up back in jeans. My daughter has shorter legs than me, so I have ended up with a couple of pants from her. I can't even imagine having to hem them or cut them off! Certainly a lot more work than waiting for high tide!

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