Friday, March 5, 2010


I have thought, and thought, about what to post for Friday My Town Shootout this week. I came up with numerous things, but had no photos to go along with them. What to do?
Then, this afternoon, I received this. To me, it fit perfectly. It is full of rememberances, but, hopefully, it's not to late to turn around.
I certainly hope that no one is offended by this. The truth of this grabbed me. And if nothing else, it is great music!

Look What We've Done (with Intro)


Anonymous said...

brilliant choice;)

Ann said...

Interesting, but how true, all those big companies like leaman bros. America was once the land of dreams. Someone should turn it around.

amuse me said...

I watched this video with very mixed emotions. I live in Michigan and my husband works for GM. Is it so much what the government and big business has done, or that the American people all became "WallyWorld" type shoppers and stopped buying American-made? I know I love a bargain, but the country went too far over the edge buying from countries in competition. Just my two-cents' worth.

Chef E said...

Great choice, and creative thinker you are! I have mixed feelings about what we have done, and find that if you really look on the bottom of things bought at 'American Made' stores you will find foreign country stamps, hidden sometimes, but they are there.

I hate seeing the building laying in ruin, when we could be housing low income families, or other alternatives, but for some reason many people love building new shiny buildings...I came from that in Dallas...

~JarieLyn~ said...

I too have mixed feelings about this but I thought the song was great.

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