Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today on Pictures, Poetry, and Prose was a beautiful picture by Dan Felstead. The more I looked at it, the more it spoke to me. Do check out his blog, it is full of really wonderful photographs, as well as thoughtful narratives!

Here's my contribution over at PPP:

He set the steaming cup of coffee down on the table, and then went back for the sweet roll. He placed it lovingly next to the coffee and took a seat across from it.
He looked around the little coffee shop that used to bustle with the sounds of talk and laughter, and sometimes held the seriousness of a couple deep in conversation.

Since he’d lost her that day, he hadn’t been able to bring himself to come here. It was all he could do to drag out of bed in the mornings. Two months. Two months of loss and tears, of emptiness, and of a lock on the door of their lives.

He wasn’t sure when he turned the key in that lock this morning if he would be able to stand it. As he walked in, old habits unconsciously kicked in. Mindlessly, he mixed the flour, sugar, fresh fruit, and put it in the oven. As the coffee brewed, he unpacked the satchel he’d brought from home. Those things she loved; her things. Gently he placed them in the window where the light of day could shine on them.

The shop smelled of sweetness, and the deep roast of strong coffee. As he sat across from his offering to her, he thought he just might make it after all. Tomorrow he might even be able to turn the sign to open.


septembermom said...

A wonderful story to accompany this suggestive picture. Beautifully written. You convey his emotions of loss and uncertainty throughout the piece. It speaks to the heart!

Dan Felstead said...

SHABBY GIRL...YES I AM SCREAMING! I love your story about the abandoned coffee. You have the beginnings of a novella here! Would you mind if I copied your story just for my own use. At some point I am going to frame the print and I would like to attach the story to the back of it. It would be for my use only, if I sell the print, I won't attach the story.

The story fits the image perfectly!


P.S....thanks as well for the mention on your blog, I appreciate it.

Simply Heather said...

Oh...boy...I thought of my dad as I read this. Everything he's done has not happened without my mother in mind, since she left.

This is a beautiful story to accompany Dan's inspiring photo :o)

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