Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Neighbors...

We were invited next door for coffee and treats this morning by our new neighbors. Evidently, they have owned the house for over 5 years, but have been traveling the country (our dream) in their motorhome.

A week or so ago, we were walking the dogs, noticed that there was gobs of activity next door. Painters mostly, I think. The house had been rented out for years, and needed a good clean up before the owners felt good about leaving the wanderlust behind and moving in. They saw us walking and came out and introduced themselves.

The usual, small chit chat ensued; how'd you end up here, where are you from, that sort of thing. I've mentioned many times that this is a relatively small town. 40,000 people. A mall that most would chuckle at. And almost exactly 1000 miles from where we used to live. Well, how weird is it that they are from the same general area that we lived in CA? And they end up living next door???

They had laid out quite a nice spread of various fresh fruit, orange juice, a heaping helping of doughnuts, and a big pot of coffee. What I really liked about them was how down to earth they seem. No pretense, at all. This could round out to be a lovely neighborhood. (It was before too.)

We shared names of dentists, vets, feed stores, and they shared stories of living on the road. It was great! So, we're gabbin' away and she says, "My dad peddled fruits and vegetables back in the day." So did Hubby's dad. Different cities though.
We continue talking and notice that they have a picture on their wall by the same local artist from CA that we have. Hmmm.
Yak, yak, yak, birthdays...yeah, says Hubby, September. Oh really? Larry's too. When? The 12th. Huh. What year? You have got to be kidding! The same birth day, the same year.

I mean it was weird. What are the odds of that. All in all, maybe not so weird, but to move in right next door?!? Now that's weird! (Insert Twilight Zone music.)

I thought, if there was just one more coincidence I'd have to go home. Too
All in all, I'm very happy with our new neighbors, and plan to have a happy hour get together in a couple of weeks with our other neighbors to introduce them.


Scriptor Senex said...

How good to read of people getting on with their neighbours. Some of the blogs I visit seem to have awful neighbours...(strangely enough it's the local ones here in Cheshire - perhaps it's me).

cagrowngirl said...

It is terrific to hear good experiences with neighbors and the coincidences y'all share. Sorry that is the South coming out.

I make it a point to bake something for new neighbors in my neck of the woods. It is something that my grandparents and parents did. I like knowing who is living next door to me.

septembermom said...

That is amazing how much you have in common with your neighbors! I think a great new friendship is brewing:)

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