Monday, April 27, 2009


I stopped counting the Kleenex, and let the tears run down my cheeks.

As anyone who has truly loved a dog knows,
it’s always inevitable,
and it’s always worth it.
Truly, a love story.
Not many people, or dogs, have the opportunity to live as these two did. It was a life of absolute respect and consideration for each other.


septembermom said...

That is a relationship we all would love to have in our lifetime. I want to go out and read this book now. Thanks so much for sharing!

Dan Felstead said...

OK...I am hooked! Is this an online book or available at Borders..etc....

I've got to get it...hopefully on Audible, I listen to books on my IPOD quite a bit.


shabby girl said...

Kelly-You will fall in love with Merle too!

Dan-I don't see that it's available in an audio format, but it can be found in any bookstore. I checked it out of the library. I may have to go buy my own copy. :)

cagrowngirl said...

I read this book last year when having a difficult time with my dogs. It was one of many that I read.
Marley and Me
The Dog Whisper
Merle's Door
The Social Lives of Dogs which Merle's Door recommended.

What he states is soo true and helped me with choosing which dog was disrupting our pack.

I do make the bracelets to sell. Affordable price for friends online. :)

Pam said...

Is it happy tears or sad tears? I don't do sad animal tears.

Anonymous said...

I will definitely check out this book. I am a fan of Marley and Me, too.

I have a random question...was it your blog I read the story about the two wolves in each of us, and the Cherokee Grandfather discussing them with his grandson?

I would love to post the story on my own blog, but I like to give credit to things that are not my own.


You have a beautiful blog.

shabby girl said...

Pam-It's a mix of "Oh, that is the saddest thing ever!" and "This man LOVED this dog", and everything that goes along with that!

Jen-It was on my blog! Back on November 24th. I'm not sure how to get you there, except to keep going back. Feel free to share it. There is SO MUCH TRUTH TO IT! It might be one of the greatest truths in my life.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! :)

I agree, in fact, I am going to copy it into my old fashioned paper journal too.

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