Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just think how many people she made smile throughout the day!

I am one of those people that doesn't give a once over in the mirror before leaving home. Yes, this could happen to me. Although, I am not an owner of happy panties.

Do you suppose anyone told her? I doubt it. She doesn't seem to be worried about it. Was it on purpose?

I remember being in a bus station in San Francisco many years ago, and happened to see a man walking around with TP, yes, toilet paper trailing out behind him...and not on his shoe. Here was a confident business man walking through the center in a suit and everyone snickering at him. Yes, I did go up to him and quietly tell him he was trailing paper and I tore it off. Certainly I didn't want to pull it and perhaps REALLY embarrass both of us!


Anonymous said...

Kinda hard to know what to say about that picture. Good for you to help the poor guy trailing the TP. Ouch! I hope you're having a great weekend.

Simply Heather said...

:o) I would have handled that in the same way (guy w/tp)...definately wouldn't have pulled it myself and definately would have had to tell him.

I'm with tricia (don't know what to say about the smily but). I don't own any happy panties either :o) - good thing.

septembermom said...

Nice of you to say something to that man. Poor guy probably appreciated your kindness. Smiley panties will turn heads. I guess she could be wearing something worse!

Chris said...

Poor guy.

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