Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do you ever feel guilty about getting up and going into another room because "they" feel like they have to follow you?

I'm up and down alot between my office and Hubby's. I try to tell her she can stay right there, all comfy under the table by the window. I'll be right back. But no. She does keep a good eye on me!


Simply Heather said...

Oh, most definately have I been there before. Our old two would follow me around the house...all of the time and the older (Ugly) was quite achey with arthritis, but he'd still follow (I think he was hoping that I was going for food).

Your pup is adorable!! Love the eyes.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty dog.

Pam said...

Yes! My old cat, Scraps, follows me everywhere. I feel so bad. Sometimes I just lay down on the floor in a room, hoping she will fall asleep and I can sneak out.

Janice said...

I love that face! Mmwaah! Mmwaah!

septembermom said...

Oh how they can pull on your heart strings! What a face.

cagrowngirl said...

I have an entourage of 3 dogs and a cat. They follow me wherever I go. When I need to run to catch the house phone ringing - I generally don't make it because they are at my feet. I wouldn't have it any other way though. :)

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