Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So tomorrow is the deadline to send in income tax returns! We usually don't procrastinate about this. And it isn't because we were necessarily procrastinating this year.

2008 was the first "real" year of the advertising agency business. The only income. Hubby had his recording studio in the house for 20 years, but it was on the side. Throughout the year I knew there was something wrong in the way the computer accounting program was showing income and expenses. I had a couple of different people help me with it, but it never cured the problem.

By October, I took it to my accountant because he thought it was a simple fix. That's what they all said. But no. By January this year I had found someone locally that had been trained by Quickbooks and even she had to take it back to the company itself! She did get it straightened out though.

All last year we didn't really know how much we made. Very frustrating, but it paid the bills and I was just grateful for that!

We're waiting for Fed Ex today to deliver our return from our accountant so we can get it in the mail. I sure don't like waiting until the last minute for anything, and this is no exception.

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septembermom said...

A life without taxes would be great. Hope you get all the returns out on time! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog today!

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