Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Police: Mom ordered daughters out, drove off
Partner in Manhattan law firm reportedly upset by kids' bickering

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. - Usually, it's an empty threat: "If you kids don't stop fighting, I'm going to stop this car right now and leave you here!" But a mother from an upper-crust New York suburb went through with it, ordering her battling 10- and 12-year-old daughters out of her car in White Plains' business district and driving off, police said Tuesday.

Have you ever threatened that? Have your constantly arguing, teasing, picking-on, screaming kids ever pushed you to the very brink???

Mine have. My hand is raised. I admit it. I never did it, however, but boy how I wanted to! I did sometimes stop the car in the middle of the street, and being totally embarrased, they would stop whatever they were doing.

I think more than wanting to dump them out of the car, I wanted to get out. Just take a short walk and take a deep breath. I never did that either.

Absolutely, I understand how this woman was driven to do what she did. But I could never have driven off.


Anonymous said...

Oh do I ever understand! But to actually leave them? If only everyone had to have at least a BA before we could have kids.

septembermom said...

All of us moms get to those frustration moments where we need to take a breather. Kids can drive you nuts. But I agree that it's not right to drive away. No one said that parenting was easy.

Anonymous said...

I heard of someone who did that, and I think so long as they are older kids/teens, and you aren't far from home it could be a good lesson!

Simply Heather said...

That threat has blown from my mouth once or twice but on the inside, I knew I wouldn't follow through. Why do we do that? BLOW fumes when we know we won't do it; we really aren't fooling our kids...well not mine, atleast. These boys know mom is WAY too wishy-washy to leave them anywhere; well, maybe not Lucien.

The other day, I was at my dad's house and we were ready to leave. This little man has a habit of running out around the back of the house outside (always)...just to hide when it's time to get into the car. I had all three of the boys (vacation) and we were at the doors of the car. I didn't see Lucien but thought I noticed that he had gone around another way, hiding behind my dad's van. I blurted out "If you don't come over here, your family is going without you." I saw his little head pop up and run around to me, hollaring "NO!"...from the other side of the car, where his door is. He was waiting to get in. SHAME ON ME. That little bugger was all about to cry...thinking that I would leave him there. LESSON learned with this one. Mommy can't make those kind of threats...I should have known better anyway - he is so much like me :o). I never really needed threats...just to be understood and reasoned with.

So...answer to this question...yes. Poor mom's - poor children - poor us. We all shall live throught these moments of mothering :o) and hopefully some will learn by the mistakes of others.

cagrowngirl said...

Actually, it did happen to me last week- driving 4 hours to North Carolina with 2 people in adult bodies and a toddler. Their saving grace was my nephew. He saved them from walking the distance.

I remember as a kid being threatened with that but never heard of anyone actually doing it. I hope those kids learned their lesson.

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