Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Morning

What a crazy last few weeks it's been. Having my son here, which was wonderful, getting the house back in order after the holidays, cleaning out closets & drawers, deciding what to keep & what to put in the garage sale on Saturday, and having people come to look at the house in the middle of it with NO advance warning whatsoever! Yikes!

So the garage is loaded with piles that need to be laid out in some kind of order, and here's the part I'm really not looking forward to...the pricing. What a chore! But my neighbor offered to come over and help me late tomorrow. We may have to make a party of sorts out of it, just to get through it. Maybe some wine and appetizers? After the pricing? Nah, it'll be much more fun during, don't you think?

By the time we go to bed at night, we're exhausted.

Hubby says: It'll be worth it, you'll see.

Me: hesitantly nodding.

Hubby: Remember, just like when we moved from Santa Cruz?

Me: eye rolling, fingers in ears, humming to myself. Somehow that does not make me feel better.

Anyway, I sincerely hope that this is the last time we make a move like this. And it will be worth it when we drive off in the building on wheels.

But for now, I miss having the time to blog, to check in with my buddies, see how you're all doing.

I hope you enjoy the photos. They were not touched at all. Yes, it was a beautiful morning.


Simply Heather said...

Yes, I do like the photos...they're gorgeous! It's hard to believe that you are having a garage sale when we, here in Vermont, are covered in about 20 inches of snow - no sign of it melting. Garage sales in the North are seasonal, only finding them from about late April until the end of August.

And it will be worth it, I am so sure you know it inside. The energy and lack of time to breath calmly is exhausting.

You're in my prayers, girl friend.

&hearts and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful morning...isnt that a song?lol

wine will help with the priceing(its my least favorite part of the job too)


Cynthia L. H. said...

BEAUTIFUL sunrise!!!
Oh, yes, and definitely during...and after.

Max-e said...

First of all these are great shots. I must say that I do not envy your move with all the packing and sorting. In the last 20years we have only moved three times. Before that I think it was on average, at least a move a year. Whhwn you start off life with little it is easy, but then as we amass more worldly possessions it really becomes tedious.

NanU said...

A beautiful morning indeed.
Good luck with your garage sale - may you be unburdened of many things you no longer need!

Scriptor Senex said...

I suspect hubby may have one of those memories that 'decides' to forget the bad bits of an experience. I bet you wish you had the same.
The skies (can you have sky in the plural??) are beautiful.
Hope the garage sale goes well.

septembermom said...

What a beautiful way to capture those gorgeous sunrises! Thank you!

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