Friday, January 8, 2010

A Breathtaking Moment

An upside down ocean of fire...

Yesterday's post held photos from the sunrise. This is what came around in the evening. Sitting at my desk, typing away, and a chance glance out the window. How often do we forget to look, to pay attention.


NanU said...

I love watching sunsets and sunrises, and the way they slowly change. Sometimes I nearly get killed when crossing the street because I can't help getting distracted.
Thanks for sharing the photos!

Anonymous said...

i love your photos....amazing

septembermom said...

That sight would stop me in my tracks. Absolutely amazing. The power and glory that comes forth from these pictures.

Rebecca said...

It IS an ocean of fire...perfect.

Linda Higgins said...

that is so beautiful, I caught a sunset almost like that at Lake Powell on a summer night! It took my breath away!

Pam said...


Dan Felstead said...

SHABBYGIRL...YES I AM SCREAMING! The most beautiful pictures of yours that I have seen...these need to be matted and framed. You are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful area. Great Job!


Cynthia L. H. said...

Breathtaking. You are being surrounded by such beauty! It's liked an unending gift --- a giant art-show --- personalized for you in your own yard!

Simply Heather said...

It looks so beautifully arranged, the sky. God is amazing, isn't He?!

GB said...

An ocean of fire - the perfect description.

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