Friday, January 1, 2010


This week's theme is brought to you by Gordon. A fairly easy one for me, since we've been documenting the construction of our biggest client's new building.

This is the groundbreaking party he had.

He is a wonderfully generous man that takes very good care of his employees.
Since the groundbreaking, there has been steady progress.

This was the laying of the service area floor.

Through sleet, or snow, the job goes on.

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Wishing you success in the construction of your new year!


Chef E said...

How cool is this! I saw to-kill-ya on that table :)

I would be excited to build my business from the ground up, since that is the way to go, own your building is the only way to go these days...

Pauline said...

Wonderful construction, how exciting to be a part of it. Love the crane and digger shots!

Anonymous said...

That last pic...omg! beautiful

Sarah Lulu said...

FABULOUS shots!!!!!!!!!!

Doreen said...

that was some party! love the shot with the mountains in the background.

happy new year!!

septembermom said...

Really cool photos! Love to see the process this way.

GingerV said...

Hey shabby girl, liked your photos. only in AZ do you get color like in the first photo because there is nothing in the air to obstruct the lense...

Kerry said...

Wow beautiful shots of this construction project, with gorgeous warm colors. That party...

Gordon said...

Very nice! BIG, BIG construction!

NanU said...

Hey I remember that ground-breaking party from another excellent Shootout! Nice to see it coming along. You got just about the right angle on the guy with the hose, too! ;P

Have a great year. It looks like plenty of changes are in store.

J9 said...

Really love that last shot!

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