Thursday, January 28, 2010


Look Up, Look Down

Looking up at the construction site that we are shooting a video chronicle of for a client.
Looking up, I saw this sign. World famous? Really?

Looking up yesterday:

Looking down:

Looking at the sun coming up:

Looking at the sun going down.
Have a wonderful weekend!
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Gordon said...

Hi, girl. The shot of the rabbit visiting the ducks cracked me up, and I'm always partial to sunrises and sunsets. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

you always have the most amazing sky shots...breathtaking

Chef E said...

I am with Gordon, love the rabbit, like he is incognito...hiding from a farmer, or you!

Love the shots over here, always so beautiful!

Simply Heather said...

My Oh My!!! Love those silhouette shots and the bunny bottom. Sweet little plumpy bunny bottom.

I think that the "world famous" part of that sign would be "rock & roll, pool and darts". :) Oh...and maybe the "saloon".

GingerV said...

I'm with the group the rabbit photo is the best, BUT I want to go dancing at the Sorry Gluch Saloon - how much fun would that be.

Kerry said...

Wow look at those clouds and skies. But the bunny joining the lawn ornaments is really exquisitely funny!

Jama said...

I love those sunset shots, awesome!

Cynthia L. H. said...

Wonder what the bunny and the ducks are talkin' about? The beauty in the sunrise?

Sarah said...

Ohhh my your sky shots are stunning..I love the stormy looking one! And the the bunny!!:)

~JarieLyn~ said...

I really lovce that first photo. It looks like a hard day's work. I also like the sign. I'll go dancing with Ginger.

Bagman and Butler said...

With those sunsets, I never would have been able to look down! What a sky!

Ann said...

Beautiful sky photos, can you tell from a photo when it is sun rise, and when it is a sun set?

Poor rabbit, he must have come out of a wrong warren. LOL

Rebecca said...

Oh the little animal party is adorable!

kate said...

That one of the rabbit is really funny! I love the beautiful colors you captured in the sunrise/sunset photos as well. Have a great weekend!

Barry said...

The rabbit with the ducks was priceless. And the night skies were perfect.

Barry & Linda

SOL said...

Wow, your sky shots are just amazing!

shabby girl said...

Ann, I can only tell because of the tree sillouettes on the bottom!

A Scattering said...

That last shot is awesome! Have a great week.

J9 said...

Love the stormy skies you've captured!

Patience-please said...

Beautiful! Your sunrise/sunset shots are stunning.

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