Friday, January 22, 2010

Sounds in Your Town - FSO

This weeks theme is brought to us by NanU. What a creative theme this is. I loved the idea of being led around, blindfolded, to take photos of what we heard. The weather was totally unconducive to being out there doing that however.

I did manage some from inside the house though. This first one I would know blindfolded, for sure.

We have garbage pick up twice a week here in AZ. I'm not sure why, unless it's the heat. Nobody wants old garbage roasting in the can, right? I also wonder about the sound of the truck, the squealing of the brakes. Do they make them to sound like that, so that people like me who may, on occasion, forget to put the can out, will hear it coming, and run to get it out to the curb in time?
The weather has been unusual the last few days. Unusual for AZ, that is. It has rained steadily for a couple of days now, nonstop. So I've been listening to rain pelting my office window.

And because of the storms going through, we've had bigtime wind. It's been howling for days!

That's it from me this week, wrapped in the warmth and comfort of my little abode.
For more creative photos on this great theme, go to! (My linky is not working today :( )


Rebecca said...

I have to say I noticed the sounds of our garbage truck yesterday and thought I should run and get the camera, but I didn't. They are such noisy creatures, aren't they?

NanU said...

Love that rainbow off the back of the garbage truck!
We have three pickups a week here: one for trash, one for recycling, one for compost. With the bin for glass on the corner, there's not much left in my trashcan.

Enjoy the rain - and the flowers that will follow!

Simply Heather said...

Nice shots! I did hear on the radio this morning, on the way to the grocery store, that Arizona was experiencing very high winds...very high and storms. Safety, peace, comfort and love to you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

wonderful the rain on the window;)

Chef E said...

Oh how I feel the wind that is blowin that tree! I love rain as it hits the window. Once I got so lazy after the kids went to school and laid in bed watching birds and listening to them play in the rain!

Linda Higgins said...

Wow, I am visiting today, and thought that I was all caught up on posts but apparently not! I love the rainbows and stories that you put together! How wonderful that you have been able to capture a shot of so many birds! I know there are a lot of road runners here too but they are so hard to capture. When we are out bike riding one will always run in front of me and NEVER can I pull out my camera quick enough! Hope you survived the winds. It is cold and overcast and after 3 days of rain here in Southern Utah, I am ready for a little sunshine! The weekend is upon us! I want sunshine!

Doreen said...

fantastic window shot! rain is good for your area, right? I think everyone is getting unusual winter weather this year. crazy!!

Anonymous said...

I believe the sound of rain would be the winner for the week. All the country. Rain in Ky. for 4 days. Messy

Irish Gumbo said...

Its good to be wrapped in warmth and comfort, especially when we can keep ahead of the wolves :)

GB said...

I wouldn't know what an NZ refuse vehicle sounds like because it's about 750 meters down our drive to the road where we collect our mail and leave our refuse and re-cycling.

But I do know what a wind is like having lived through three hurricanes on the Isle of Lewis!

J9 said...

The garbage at the end of the rainbow is a great shot!

GingerV said...

all that rain you will have a beautiful sprig on the desert, the catus blooms will be worth a hike just for photos. pay me I will come walk with you = march or april would be perfect.
send me an email - where are you exactly - so much snow on the mountains, I've never seen this in AZ. are you still at your old house or at the new one - I am loosing track.

Sarah said...

Wow you all are having lots of rain..I have been watching! I used to live in Scottsdale some years back! must be farther north! Hope you are enjoying the treat...wonderful shootout! Love the rainy window shot!!
Have a great weekend, Sarah

Jen said...

lovely! I could actually hear the wind and the rain pattering on the window.

beautiful job!

SOL said...

I really like the rainy window shot.

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