Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Overcast Wednesday

A somewhat overcast day here in southeast Arizona. These days we have a high of about 60*, and a low down to freezing. I know there will be some eye rolling here, but I'm cold! I guess when you live in a warmer area, the cold seems to be harder to take.

Fifteen hundred feet higher, you can see there is still snow on the top of the mountain. It's hard to tell how much is up there when the sun is shining; it glistens and creates shadows. I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

I'm starting to notice the birds landing on the concrete block wall and readjusting nesting material in their beaks. Do you think they are fluffing the winter nest? Or could they actually be thinking of spring already?

I also notice more rabbits in my front yard these days. Really, it looks like a dead zone out there. No new sprouts for them to munch, and the nightime freezes have burned the low lying plants. I've started cutting up apples that may have passed their prime, and putting them out by the water dish in front. The birds and the bunnies take turns nibbling. By morning, even the cores are gone, found by who knows who?

Speaking of the yard looking like a dead zone, perspective buyers probably look at the yard now and think of how much work it would be to make something out of it. So I made a brochure that I will have available from now on, sitting on the kitchen counter, showing what the yard will become again in spring.


Anonymous said...

what a brilliant idea...I think I should do the broshure thing house is forsale, but it is covered in snow, impossible for anyone to see that the yard is actually beautiful;;


Linda Higgins said...

I think that is a wonderful idea! I know what you are feeling, we have a pool that is covered up right now! Huhoney is so meticulous about the yard and I am about our flowers. I am going to remember the brochure thing though if ever we decide to sell! Are you having any luck? Where is it you have decided to venture to, you mentioned a motor home in an earlier post.... sometimes I feel like selling it all, buying a motor home and just cruising the country maybe even becoming a park host or something! good luck!

Cynthia L. H. said...

The photo of the mountain is so beautiful! I love that there is snow at the top and palm trees at the base.
What a brilliant marketing design you have in your brochure!!! Great thinking!

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