Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Down

One garage sale down, probably two or three more to go... As you can see, Wilson is exhausted. His morning siesta was so rudely interupted! All morning long. Let's face it, someone had to keep track of the goings on around here. He didn't realize that Shasta had it ALL under control!

We didn't even open the garage door until after 7 a.m. today, when it started to get light. So different from this summer when people just showed up at 5:30, with no signs out. I was grateful for the extra time.

I've mentioned before that we are only about 15 miles from the Mexican border. By the number of people who stop, that do not speak english, or very little, I wonder if they come across in the wee morning hours on Saturdays to scour the ubiquitous yard/garage sales happening in our town. And so many of them with little kids. I'm a little embarassed, at one point, I had to count from 1 to 15 in Spanish to explain how much one woman owed me. I couldn't just grab that one $15 word out of the air. LOL!

We did fairly well today, although not as well as we did during the summer sale. We had some things that I felt the need to get the amount that I was asking. I would tell people that amount, they would ask if I'd take less (like half!), I'd say no, they'd nod, and leave. Finally my neighbor, that was here helping us, commented to me that, depending on what my goal was for having the garage sale, perhaps what they were offering was not such a bad deal.'re right! My goal is to get rid of this STUFF! I guess that's perhaps why we didn't do as well this time. :)

There was one little woman, probably 65, maybe not even five feet tall or so, that wanted an item ( I can't even remember what it was at this point), for less than half of what I was asking. I said, "No, I really need to get the $5. "No, $2." "I'm sorry, I really need to get $5 for that." Then she tilted her head, smiled, squinted her eyes, and said, "Please?" Oh good Lord. What to do. I fought my weakness, and said, "I'm really sorry, the price is $5." OMG!!! She did it again!!! Head tilt, smile, eye squint, "Pleease."

"Of course you can have it for $2!!!" Actually, I felt really good about it. It was only later that I started wondering how many times she had blinked those big brown eyes at all of the places she had stopped. I had to laugh.


Anonymous said...

sounds like the lady with the brown eyes knew just how to play of eyes, the second dog, shasta, is it...omg, beautiful eyes, so striking. both pooches so cute;)

Pam said...

Oh yeah. She worked you.

amuse me said...

Garage sales are exhausting but at least you found some interesting moments. :) M

Simply Heather said...

What can I say? You managed better than I would have, I'd have caved with the first please :)

Simply Heather said...

Oh...and I love your doggies!!

NanU said...

I think when you want 5 and they offer 2, you can suggest something in the middle. That way you can both be somewhat satisfied. At the flea market here (like a community garage sale) I don't dare ask how much something is until I've already made up my mind how much I'll pay for it, because meerly asking is opening a negotiation - and if you're not serious they vendors get really mad. They if buyer's and seller's ranges don't overlap we say goodbye feeling we at least tried.

Good luck with the next one!

Janice said...

How much for the doggies? Please? PLEASE? (batting eyelashes)

Scriptor Senex said...

Having done flea market stalls for a year I still never knew for certain when I was being conned. But I reckoned that if I only helped one poor person and all the rest were putting me on it was still probably worth it. Especially, if the ultimate objective was to get rid of the stuff.

septembermom said...

She definitely was persistent! The dogs are beautiful.

Linda Higgins said...

hehehe where is the remote control for the tv? under the pillow? Where are you going after you sell everything off? AHHH I hate it when someone try's to get something for NOTHING! I guess when you are done with the sells part you should put a sign out that says, TAKE WHAT YOU WANT, DONATIONS WELCOME! to see how much you get rid of, and then give the rest to the local charity. It would be interesting to see how many people actually put something in the donations pot!

GB said...

The photos are wonderful - what an inadequate word. They really capture the spirit of the moment.

I'd be useless at a garage sale of my own stuff. I would probably be arrogant enough to think that I knew when I was being conned (of course I wouldn't really know) but would cave in anyway.

Consequently the op shops/goodwill/charity shops (NZ, US and UK translations! - see I can speak three languages) do well out of my 'weakness'.

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