Friday, January 16, 2009


Every once in a while Hubby will come up with a way to knock my socks off! I know he's been thinking of me. Tonight was one of those silly, not that!

In the late 60's, one of my very favorite bands in the world was Steppenwolf! OMG! John Kay's voice reached in and dragged my attention in his direction. Raises the hair on my arms to this day! He will always be the sound of my youth.

We lived in a small community (pop. 3000) in the mountains. A small town where there is little to do for wild little teenagers but hang out at the dam at night, drink beer, and listen to music that was cranked up! I suppose kids still do that today, but I think it's different. Seemed a much simpler time back then. Anyway, John Kay was there with us all summer long. What great memories.

A few years ago, my daughter called me to say that she and her friends had gone to the Del Mar fairgrounds in San Diego to see Steppenwolf, and she was the only one of her friends that knew the words to all of the songs because she had listened to my album over and over and over again!.

Tonight Hubby rented the DVD "Rock n Roll Greats, John Kay and Steppenwolf" to surprise me.

Can John Kay still play a guitar? Oh yeah! And it looks like he's been pumpin' iron cuz he looks good! And yes, he still has that voice that can grab my attention any day!

His band today is great too. I wish I had the names of the band members, but they are different from back in the day. That being said, the man on keyboards is unbelievable, the lead guitar is awesome, and the drummer is fantastic!

Hope you get to see it. We had a good time watching it!

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