Saturday, January 3, 2009

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Tonight Hubby rented Journey to the Center of the Earth from Netflix

He was thinking that it was a sequel or redo movie of the "good movie" that was released in 1959 (before my movie watching debut, I might add) that was released with more recent film stars.
Excuse me.
No, my friends, don't do it. Do not do it! Do not rent this movie! One of the most STUPID movies that I have ever seen. I'm sorry. Truly. Just no good. I feel bad for the kid that plays the nephew. He is good. This movie should not be on his resume of great films.

Sigh. I, too, am disappointed.


meryl's musings said...

Another movie to avoid is Jumper -- it looked so good and then was so ridiculous we had to analyze how bad it was!

Simply Heather said...

We had nothing to compare this newer version to and thought it was great, actually. I liked it because it was a good, harmless adventure for my young boys to watch (and for me too).

You're write up makes me wonder about the first version...probably much deeper in content but this one was good for us.

~ thought I'd share ;o)

shabby girl said...

Yeah, I hope you get to see the original sometime. And, granted, it has been many, many years since I've seen it.
I remember it as being much more involved.
I'm glad you enjoyed it though. :)

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