Friday, January 23, 2009

People Just Love to Play

Remember Men at Work? Loved them! I heard recently that the lead singer, Colin Hay, is still out there touring. I also loved that song "People Just Love to Play" with words...back then too.

I love words! I love them! I have scraps of paper all over the place, on my desk, the table, nightstand drawer, with words that I've never heard before or have heard but don't really know what they mean. Some I get the gist of just by the context that it's being used, but I look them up anyway so I'll know for sure.

I found a very cool blog by Scriptor Senex that has different words or phrases every day. Right up my alley. Check him out.

I have a folder on my computer filled with words, phrases, quotes, and slices of brilliant writing that I have collected over the years. But I like Scriptor Senex's idea of a journal to keep these treasures in. In fact, I have a beautiful journal that my wonderful friend made me not long ago that would be perfect!

Thank you both!


Self-Proclaimed Editor said...

Colin Hay was on a couple episodes of Scrubs and he still sounds the same -- looks a bit older like the rest of us -- but still fun to listen to.

Scriptor Senex said...

Thansk for those kind words (there's a pun there somewhere!)

Janice said...

Anytime, sweet girl, any time. And I LOVE Colin Hay!! He has an acoustic version of Overkill that is just goreous, and I also like Waiting For My Real Life to Begin. Check it out!

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