Sunday, December 6, 2009

What to do?

Ever since we got back from our 3 weeks in Verde Valley, we've been trying to decide about our future. So much worry; do we stay, do we go? Do we sell, do we lease? If we lease, what kind of shape will the house be in when we get back? How much will it cost to fix it while we're gone? Is this where we want to end up? Do we really want all the maintenance and upkeep of a house and yard this size? Can we really do what we both want? You know how I can torture myself with unaswered questions!!!

I heard a song not long ago that was like a wake up call for me. Don't know who sings it, or even the name of it. (Did I post about this already?) The words were something like, "Just waiting for our lives to be over", and I don't want to do that.

So, after praying about it, talking to a realtor, praying some more, I woke up yesterday morning feeling great about a decision to sell the house we're in, and hit the road! It feels right. I believe I received my answer. :)

I've spent all day today, cleaning, scrubbing, and taking a toothbrush to the baseboards in the master bedroom. That room and the master bath are immaculate this evening. We're pretty clean people, but after almost 5 years, 2 dogs, 2 birds, 2 people, it's going to take some work. What I remember most about walking into this house for the first time is how open and CLEAN it was! I'm hoping someone else will have the same reaction when I'm through, and want to have this for their very own!

So, I have numerous rooms to continue working on this week, as well as our "work". That means a very busy week indeed.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful adventure.....Im glad you got your answer, continued peace to you and prayers your house sells quickly;)

Simply Heather said...

Oh my gosh...yay, my friend. Ray and I used to talk about doing this someday. I'm so excited and happy for you.

I know it will all come know it will too, deep within. Trust and cling to that as you process it all.

My goodness...big adventures await.

Love to you and a warm hug too.

septembermom said...

I'm so happy that you feel good with your decision! Good luck this week. Have a little fun too! I bet the house will sparkle :)

Scriptor Senex said...

Really pleased you've taken your decision and am sure it will work out as just the right thing to have done. And I'm really looking forward to seeing you on your travels.

Cynthia L. H. said...

Wow! This is a big decision! You seem excited and that is great! You are brave!
I'm sure that if you are cleaning the baseboards with a toothbrush, the people will notice that it is a clean house.
;^) ;^0
You are quite a the Wonder Woman! (Could you come on over to my house? My baseboards could use a toothbrush.)
Seriously, when you pass through Oklahoma in your motor HAVE to come see me.
One teensy bit of advice:
When my ex-in-laws made this decision, they marked almost everything they owned in a tag sale and did not let us (the ex-husband and I) know until the last minute...When we drove the hour + to their home, there were all kinds of strangers rummaging through their family heirlooms! I was appalled, to say the least. They had sold all kinds of things to people they did not even know. So, my suggestion, if there are people in your life who care about the "stuff," let them know first, when you sort and get rid of things.

Dan Felstead said...

Shabbygirl...GO FOR IT! Sounds like a dream come true and I am sure it will work for you guys. Just think you will have one of the few "traveling blogs"...each sunrise brings a different location to post about.


GB said...

Oh my gosh. That is BRAVE. I wish you lots of happy times.

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