Sunday, December 20, 2009

Aren't They Cute?

There must be kibble around. That's the only time I get that kind of attention!

Are you all ready for Christmas? Not too much in the way of hustle and bustle of the season around here this year. My son, Scott, is flying in tomorrow (YEA!) so we'll be up and on our way to Tucson early. We're thinking we'll get a visit in to Costco (a big warehouse store for those that don't know) and Trader Joe's before we go to the airport.

Oh, if only we could have a Trader Joe's here in town. Here's how Wikipedia describes TJ's:

Trader Joe's describes itself as "your neighborhood" or "your unique grocery store". Products sold include gourmet foods, organic foods, vegetarian food, unusual frozen foods, imported foods, domestic and imported wine and beer (where local law permits), "alternative" food items, and basics like bread, cereal, eggs, dairy, coffee and produce. Non-food items include personal hygiene products, household cleaners, vitamins, pet food, plants, and flowers.

It also mentioned that some of it's products are showing up in Aldi stores. I've never heard of that store, but if it's carrying TJ's products it must be good. I can't remember ever buying anything in that store that we didn't like.

We're off to walk those two beautiful doggies. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. If you are back east (brrrr), I'm sending you warm, cozy wishes!


septembermom said...

Those are cute furry friends!

I know you'll enjoy Scott's visit :)

Pam said...

Yes, they are adorable!

NanU said...

Trader Joe's! Trader Joe's!
If there were one store, just one, I could make open an outlet here in Clermont-Ferrand, Trader Joe's would be it.

Your dogs look an awful lot like my cats just before catfoodtime. Do they know that petfoodtime can actually be delayed as we coo over their excessive cuteness?

Linda Higgins said...

LOL that is too funny! They know the hand that feeds them! So lovable and there is nothing like a furry friend who just LOVES you no matter what!

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