Saturday, December 5, 2009

Musical Pleasure

Hubby's son-in-law (that makes him mine too) is a wonderfully talented guitar player. He has written some awesome instrumentals. Note to self: share some of those in a post!

I was delighted to hear that the band was back together making music! It's hard for me to imagine that they are in a mid-life crisis, since I feel like I'm in midlife myself, minus the crisis! Ha!



Anonymous said...

I have some of there cds...I was sad when the lead singer left general cool;)

Pam said...

That was great!

shabby girl said...

That was cool when they were on there! Listening to this video, you can see that they are still awesome! Guitarist on the far right is ours :)

septembermom said...

That was cool! Lots of talent here :)

GingerV said...

oh my, if these cuties are in middle age I am getting REALLY old. your right good music.

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