Sunday, December 27, 2009

Culinary Fun

Hubby got one of those wild hairs that comes to him fairly often. This particular time, it was to make pork tamales for the first time.
He boiled the pork the day before, added the spices & oil, then it was off to the store to look for masa & corn husks.
Scott & I both had to go on Hubby's computer to read "how to assemble" the tamales. It was required. :) Did I ever mention that he (Hubby) is a bit on the OCD side?

Mmmmm, mmmmmm, good! And it was something fun that we could all do together!


Anonymous said...

sounds like his ocd paid off...yummers;)

Simply Heather said...

Fun. Glad he has a bit of OCD - makes for great posts and photos. Also brings me a smile :)

A Quilter Awakens said...

I made those with a girlfriend once. Boy were they good! Karmen

Darlene said...

I am new to following your Blog, and found your wonderful post about homemade tamales. I do not know if you will, but it would be great to post your recipe. I love tamales and those that I used to purchase, are no longer made. Yum to pork tamales if they are not spicy.
This seemed to be a favorite food for Christmas.
Happy New Year, Darlene in California

Sishir said...

In India we have a similar dish but its sweet, well this one looks yummy!

shabby girl said...

Darlene, here's the link to the recipe:

They wanted 5 bucks to be able to print the recipe (and I'm too cheap to pay it), so we ran back and forth to the computer. Ha!
We used premade masa which was orange, very flavorful, but next time we'll add a bit of the broth from cooking the meat to make it a bit more moist. These were not spicy...until Hubby put chiles on them. :)

septembermom said...

That does look like a fun way to cook together. Glad that everyone enjoyed them!

Chef E said...

Ha I love it, my friend in Texas wanted to make them for a party this summer, and when I put them to work they promised they would do more research before asking me for things like this! I love tamales being from Texas, and do not mind the work...chili powder and seasoning in the masa is what makes it the orange coloring, it does flavor...

Beautiful job you guys, now I want them!

GB said...

Hmm. That looks like the sort of challenge I faced when I first made sushi.

Linda Higgins said...

umm looks delicious! Brave Brave woman! That was A LOT of tamales!

Tabby said...

Those looked so wonderful I found the recipe to make homemade ones, you inspired me. I wish you a very Happy New Year. I am sorry I have not been leaving comments lately I have been bad on keeping up with all my blogs.
Take care:)

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