Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Autumn Already?

I read so many posts from my favorite bloggy friends yesterday, many of them talking about the beginning of autumn. Labor Day has a way of moving us forward here in the U.S. from one season to another. I admit to feeling a little bit panicked. No, wait, I'm just not ready to let go of summer yet! I feel like I haven't been able to really appreciate summer; too much to do, life speeding past.

It was like that for spring as well. Where'd it go? I know it's all in my head. I do. And frankly, I really love that very first morning, walking outside, when I can feel the slightest hint of cooler air that tells me the page of summer has turned. But I need some time to really be present (be here now) before the cold moves in. I'm really going to try to do that.


Anonymous said...

beautiful pic...great thoughts:)
peace my friend

Dawn said...

I know how you feel! It's sometimes early December before all the leaves are off our trees in this part of Califonia. We had a nice tease this weekend with high 80s and a breeze but the temps jumped right back up. Our local weatherman said we're in for a cool down next week...all the way down to 90! The nights are starting to cool a bit though so there is hope autumn will eventually be here!

septembermom said...

The photo is gorgeous! I think it's a good plan to try and "be present" during the coming autumn days. I always find it invigorating.

Dan Felstead said...

Shabbygirl...I am right there with you. Truly, this Summer has flown by quicker than any other I remember. It sometimes seems like I am "seasoning" my life way as I move so quickly from one season to the next. Once the Season is gone...we can't get it back.


amuse me said...

Here in Michigan, some of the leaves are already changing from green to golds, reds, and oranges. Seems earlier than normal. I'll have to investigate if that is a predictor for a cold winter. :) M

Anonymous said...

Well over here in Australia we are just starting to enjoy spring!

DawnTreader said...

I always liked this time of year, late summer shifting into autumn. I just don't much like the thought of the long winter to follow... But that is perhaps what makes fine sunny autumn days extra precious. "Carpe diem..."

Sarah Lulu said...

I know where Spring went ..it came to me!!!

Simply Heather said...

Your rose is so delicate but also quite powerful - just like a woman, huh?


I understand completely, your words, your feelings and also have witnessed from afar why you've lost a bit of summer. Our minds clutter the ease of a summer day sometimes, and so do the needs of others. I believe that with the crisp autumn air and all of the gardens overturned, you'll find the rest inside that you're in need of now AND before winter approaches. Seize this moment, my sister-friend :)

Doreen said...

I am sure we will still have many fantastic days, before the old snow comes. brrrr!! lovely rose, is that from your garden?

GB said...

What summer?

Everyone says how lucky I am. Summer in Scotland. Summer in New Zealand. That'd be fine if Scotland had a summer! OK I'm exaggerating we do have summer days with constant daylight all night but when the temperature doesn't rise over 16 deg and it rains all the time..... Sorry we've just had a storm and I'm in a funny mood.

I do appreciate what you say about life flying by though.

WV = troto Wish time did just trot.

Tabby said...

What a lovely rose! It seems to gone from summer directly to pre fall where I live. Two weeks ago we where sweating it out in the high 80-90's and today it is 60 and I have a sweater and socks on! I hate socks I wear my flip flops as long as possible.

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