Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5, FIVE Hummers

While eating dinner outside this evening, we had FIVE hummers at the feeder at the same time! A first for us. Four sat comfortably to eat, and then it all depended on how the fifth one approached, as to whether they would all get defensive.

Tomorrow night I'll take the long lens out to try to catch some pictures!


Anonymous said...

so cool...cant wait to see pics;)

Janice said...

So confident that they'll be back tomorrow!

Dawn said...

Sound like an improptu dinner party! Hope you get some great photos tomorrow.

amuse me said...

Lucky you - we've had 3 at one time but they all seemed to be vying for the part of the feeder. Hope you can get some pics.

Tabby said...

Wow 5 at once! I sure hope you can get some pictures to share that would be great :)

Dan Felstead said...

Shabbygirl...that is a first for me...never had more than two at one time...can't wait for the pics.


Pam said...

We've never had more than 2, and that was only once!

GB said...

And I've never seen one in the wild! Never! I hope you get a photo.

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