Sunday, September 20, 2009

All God's Creatures Sunday

I found this fellow in between my back door and the sliding screen for a few days in the evenings. Pretty smart I thought! Nobody could get him from either side.

In other news, we survived a yard sale yesterday. All day Friday was spent gathering all of those important things we thought we couldn't live without at the time of purchase, sorting, pricing, and pulling tables out of the house to lay them out on. (By the way, if you're going to have one, Staples has prepriced stickers!)

We had not even had a sign out, IT WAS STILL DARK, and people started showing up. Actually pulling into our driveway, and 5 or 6 people would emerge from their vehicles! These people are out before dawn, scanning neighborhoods. Early bird syndrome, I guess. Or bargain radar.

The whole experience was a little unnerving, and sometimes overwhelming. But we did well, sold almost everything, and made some good bucks!

After a trip to Goodwill with the stuff that didn't sell, it's time to rearrange the garage and the shed now. See how one thing leads to another?


Anonymous said...


A Quilter Awakens said...

That is the only bug that scares the hell out of me. I know it is benign, but geez, it is still scary. (And I have caught wasps with my bare hands before!) Karmen

septembermom said...

Glad that the garage sale went well. Thanks for the Staples tip!

That's an interesting bug.

Simply Heather said...

Is that a praying mantis?

Yay for the sale, is overwhelming, before - during - and afterward. Sometimes, the leftovers linger way too long in storage...sometimes they're put out on the front lawn for free.

Happy that it was a super outcome for the two of you :)

Scriptor Senex said...

Someone I know once commented that God could not have made the earth in six days if he'd had to include sorting a garage! The very best of luck!!

GB said...

Yes, Heather, it's a praying mantis. I get a lot at The Cottage in New Zealand.

I wish that I had had the courage to have had a garage sale. I have a big garage but I'm not sure that it would have been big enough for all the stuff I've got rid of over the last few years. My house isn't that large so I'm not sure where it all came from!

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