Thursday, June 4, 2009


We were watching tv tonight, and Shasta scratched on the screen of the back door to be let out. Very unlike her! She usually waits until I say the magic words in a high pitched voice, "Do my doggies have to go pee pee, poo poo?" Yes, I really do. I admit it, right here, right now. Every single night before we go to bed. You know, it makes it fun, right? Fun is good, even for doggies!
Well, at her scratching, even before my famous words, I got up to let her out. Open the screen, and she just stands there with her head stretched out, not going outside, but head cocked outside.
"Don'tcha have to go potty? What's the matter?"
Right outside the back door screen.
Thankfully, it had a little skinny head, which told me it was not a rattlesnake!!! I tried to coax it along with a broom, but it just doubled back on itself. Okay, back in the house, turn out the light, then back on with the light, open the screen, and it was GONE! Just that fast. Poor thing! I probably scared the spots off him!!!


Anonymous said...

Is that the actual snake that was by your door? Or is it just a picture of a look-alike? That puppy is huge! Do you know what kind it is? Glad it wasn't a rattler. Oh yuck-- if I never see another snake it will be way too soon.

amuse me said...

Fortunately we don't have to worry about snakes around here -- but oh the skunks can be vicious! KC has been sprayed twice. Like your new blog set up. Is your hubby's blog up and running? :) M

Sarah Lulu said...

Where is it you live? Wherever it is I'm not coming!

Dan Felstead said...

WOW! First it is tarantulas, then the hideous worms and now the snake! How about another nice peaceful cloud/storm video, hummingbirds or pictures of the south rim! Just kidding...never know what you will come up with, enjoyed it.


Tabby said...

AUGH I would of had a heart attack right then and there if I had that snake outside my back door!

Simply Heather said...

Such a good girl, Shasta! Our pups are truly sensitive to everything that we may have no clue of. Love them doggy's!!!

shabby girl said...

Tricia-yeah, the real deal. I have no idea what kind. I should probably invest in a snake book, right?

Marion-Yikes! Of course he wanted to share his find with you! Hubby's blog not running yet.

Sarah Lulu-Arizona. In my mother's neighborhood they found a 5 ft rattler on the sidewalk!

Dan-Ain't it the truth? How bout some flowers and rainbows???

Tabby-I hope I never "get used" to it!

Heather-I cannot believe how sensitive she is! Wilson would have stepped on it on his way out to the yard!

Pam said...

I thought I liked snakes cause of all our cute little ones that see around here. But if I opened my door and saw that, I'd have a heart attack right them and there, or at the very least pee in my pants.

cagrowngirl said...

OMGoodness....I don't like snakes at all.

Max-e said...

That looks like a corn snake to me, not that I am an expert on American snakes. I have seen them at a local snake park and they are said to make good pets - if you are into keeping snakes, which I am not. They also keep the rodent population down

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