Monday, June 29, 2009

Adobe Photoshop

We have considered buying Adobe Photoshop for our business, an advertising agency, so that we can do a fair amount of the designing of ads, logos, & brochures ourselves.

In fact, this morning one of our clients asked us to create a logo for his business, something more up to date than what he already has.

After looking online at the different levels of Adobe, and not knowing the differences, I thought I'd put the question out here to you! Do you have, or have you worked with, Adobe Photoshop? Do you like it? What are some of your issues? Have a suggestion for a different software that you think would be better for this application?

I've gone to youtube and watched a couple of tutorials for making logos with it, and of course it probably looks much easier than it is. I'd love to hear what you think!


Simply Heather said...

I should just send you mine. I bought it brand new a few month's ago and, yes, I do like it but have taken it off of my computer. It's too much for what I need. Although it is a very nice and shares an intense amount of takes up space and runs slowly.

If you want it, let me's the most recent one.

I am serious! Don't buy it, I will send it to you :)

Dan Felstead said...

Shabbygirl and Mr. Shabbygirl!!!

You knew I would respond to this one! Photoshop is the gold standard for working with photographic and amateur alike. As you have found it is expensive. Once you buy the program then it is usually about 200 to upgrade when a new version comes out. You don't need to upgrade unless there are new features you need or want.

The complete package is Adobe Creative Suite...about $1100.00 or so for all the design software. If your main work will be with photos...photoshop is the way to go. If like you said you will want to do your own logos and design work... then Adobe Illustrator would probably be your best bet. It produces files in the EPS format and that is the format most printers want to work with.

As far as photoshop goes...there is truly nothing on the market that compares to it...there is nothing better. It is at least in my opinion a complicated program to learn. It is almost like learning a foreign language...once you get the concept of layers clicks and then you can move forward with it. There is a steep learning curve.

Remember...for the most part...if you work mostly with photographs...Photoshop.

If you work mostly with designs, logos etc....Illustrator. Bot are excellent programs. Email me off line at if I can answer any more questions. I know photoshop pretty well...but have not used Illustrator that much.


Dan Felstead said...

WOW...Heather...I just read your comment...that is really nice of you!

Shabbygirl...Heather did make a great have photoshop work smoothly you should have 3 to 4 gigs of ram on your computer. It is definelty (Heather) a RAM HOG!


Dan Felstead said... do you like it that you have now become part of the blogging lexicon...I can't spell definelty either...I remember your post so I just type (Heather) afterwords and all is well. I have seen others do it as well!


P.S. Shabbygirl...sorry to take up all your comment space! Maybe I am a RAM HOG as well!

Simply Heather said...

hahahaha - she's gonna love it, I'm sure...reading all of this spazzyness :)

Dan, that absolutely cracked me up laughing!! (Heather) You've seen others use it? Oh.My.Goodness. haha

I still NEVER spell it right and I'm not writing it right now to prove so. HA!

The Photoshop that I have was a package of two...Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 and a DVD making software (Adobe Premiere Elements 7)that goes with it.

Like I said, I do like it and as you said, the layer's curve was a big one to understand. I haven't gone through all of the aspects of it but I just can't share that much space with ALL of the photos I add in every day :).

For what I'm doing, I really didn't need Photoshop but I bought it on sale and received $30 back from it. The cost ended up being around $75 in the end.

From the sound, I only have a 10 percent piece of the total package anyway (?), Lisa - I do have that and will offer it to you, if you're interested in it. I can do that, right?

shabby girl said...

Heather! That is SO INCREDIBLY GENEROUS of you! Thank you so much for the offer! What a huge heart you have. I'd like to talk to you more about that, but I'll do it through email.

Dan! Definately (Heather)another incredibly generous person with so much information to share! Ram I got, because we need it for the biz. So that shouldn't be an issue. We've been checking to see if there are classes available, if only for the basics. I guess the question comes down to how often I would be using it compared to the cost...
Thank you so much for your willingness to help!

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