Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Monsoon Storm

We got our first monsoon storm tonight. Sheets of rain, brilliant flashes of lightening, and immediately after, explosions of thunder! Oh, I LOVE IT! We all knew when it struck directly overhead that it could be a problem, and a second later, it was. No power.

That doesn't happen very often, since we are on the same power grid as the fire station a quarter mile away. But I am prepared if another storm winds it's way through our neighborhood this evening.

I swear, I feel so fortunate to live where I do. Hubby is in Utah this weekend, dealing with family issues and his step-mother's 80th birthday, and we felt that it was just too expensive for me to go along right now. I have no fear of thunderstorms. In fact, good or bad, I absolutely love them! However, I was not prepared tonight. He usually takes care of getting us set up in this situation. A quick run to the garage for flashlights and back-up batteries settled the issue. But the really wonderful thing was...our incredible neighbors, on both sides, called my cell phone to make sure I was okay. How sweet was that???

I haven't seen "my dog" in hours!

I know where to find her though. In her cave, under the bed. She HATES thunder. The mere hint of a grumbling, she's gone. Willy, on the other hand,

hears nothing...sees nothing...


Anonymous said...

I love thunderstorms too. Exciting.

sciencegirl said...

Thunderstorms! The very best thing about my Minnesota years!

Simply Heather said...

I love the storms too and yes, what a blessing to have neighbors such as yours :)

Your pups...oh my goodness! Too funny and cute.

amuse me said...

We must have missed all the weather -- it must have come through after our short layover at the airport midday. But knowing that you had such weather explains why we had such a bumpy landing. There seemed to be a lot of turbulence in the hot air. :) M

Anonymous said...

LOL - your puppies are so cute!

I love storms too - and lucky for me, both my dogs are calm whenever it storms here.

That was really great your neighbors called to make sure you were ok. :)

septembermom said...

Such cute puppies. Thunderstorms are dramatic forces of nature, for sure.

Pam said...

I'm with the doggie under the bed. I hate storms. Hate them.

Scriptor Senex said...

I love thunderstorms though I suspect ours are not on the same scale as yours. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...


Moonbeam has two blue eyes, but one is constantly winking right now. LOL!

Don't worry, I didn't think of the jar as THE JAR, and as much as this dog drives me nuts, I hope that day is a long long long time into the future.

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