Thursday, June 11, 2009

Any Takers?

Anybody want a dog?

Cute, but an otherwise lazy bum!

A dog with a ferocious addiction!

I mean it.
Totally, out of control addiction to:

I KNOW! It took us two years to be able to have T.P. on the roll once he came into our lives. And believe me, I was so happy when the day came that he didn't tear it up all over the house!

And now it's kleenex. If it's dirty, all the better, but plain is alright too.

This is how deep his addiction goes...

Yes friends, this is what is left of my pocket, that had at one time held, you guessed it, a K L E E N E X!!!!!

Good thing he is so cute, that's all I gotta say!


Simply Heather said...

hahaha - sorry ;)

Great post to share!!!

Janice said...

I'll take him! He and Pepper can go to Kleenex rehab together.

shabby girl said... that a no???

Janice, It would take soooo much more than rehab for Willy!
Actually, we're talking about summer school for him though!
We try to warn people about what a napkin stealer he is as well, but they don't believe, until they become his victim!!!

Sarah Lulu said...

We have a cat who also likes to pull tissues out of the box and rip them up!

amuse me said...

What an adorable face! KC is prone to grabbing Hunks fuzzy leather slippers and dancing around the room with them. :) M

Dan Felstead said...

Shabbygirl...great post and I will take him in a heartbeat! Such a cute dog even with his flaws...nobody is perfect! Have a great weekend.


Pam said...

I don't know. He looks completely innocent to me. You wanna trade him for Scrappycat, who woke me up at 5:39 am!

Tabby said...

Oh my! That little doggy face so innocent and cute. There are a lot worst things he could be addicted too I guess, why don't you buy him his own box then he will be happy? Have a great weekend.

Cynthia said...

Yep. Good thing he is so darn cute.

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