Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Did anybody ever have Ward Cleever for a father? Anyone? Ever? I used to think that everyone else’s family was like that TV show, Leave it to Beaver. Honestly, I did. Because mine was SO not like that, I was afraid to let anyone know. I mean, let’s face it, you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

But even knowing what I know today, that most parents are just people trying to do their best (and sometimes failing), I hope that there is still that desire to strive to be a great example for our children.

Here are wishes for a wonderful day to all those Dads that are still trying to get it right!


septembermom said...

You're so right that parents are human and doing the best they can. Great salute to those Dads who work to do the right thing each day, even if they fall along the way. And don't we all fall once in a while?

tricia said...

I love the way you have managed to be honest about this subject without being cynical.

"... most parents are just people trying to do their best..."

Well said.

Cynthia said...

shabby girl, I know that my dad was not perfect. I experienced the imperfection. Somehow, probably mostly because he is now, what he must have wanted to be then, I hold in my mind the perfection.
It's strange, though... my immediate family (referring to me, my daughters, & husband---who is now "ex") was SO dysfunctional. And you're one knew what went on behind closed doors...because the facade presented outside these 4 walls was much different than what went on in...people still don't really believe it, if they are ever "privy" to any details...
My fairy-tale went completely awry. I understand why now...and it's okay. We don't have to strive to achieve that Cleaver family perfection. I like the Mary Engelbreit quote "Let's put the "FUN" in dysfunction!"

shabby girl said...

Kelly, boy howdy!!! I probably failed more than once in a while, but luckily my kids still love me.

Tricia - I was cynical for quite a long time, but, really, what good is that? The older I get, the more I understand about the realities of human life, and my own struggles. Thank you.

Cynthia - I loved what you wrote about your Dad!!! The fact that he's still here & still trying is a lot to be said! God bless him!

Thanks for showing me the correct spelling of Cleaver! Ha! I knew it was wrong when I wrote it, but was too lazy to figure it out! Ha ha ha ha.

Faye Pekas said...

I thought I had the Cleaver family when I was growing up because everyone told me I did. I was raised in a what-would-the-neighbors-think family, so outwardly we were perfect. I was an adult before I really realized how disfunctional we were. But I agree.. mostly parents just do the best they can.

jblack designs said...

What gives me hope is that I have friends who had almost-Ward-Clever dads. Not perfect, but trying to be good dads, good people, good husbands. The trying means a lot.

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